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Tender Search

Access an unrivalled database of public and private sector contract opportunities

Tracker's Tender Search is a comprehensive searching facility which gives 24/7 access to Tracker's unrivalled database of public and private sector contracts, allowing users to easily identify opportunities from within the UK, ROI, Europe or worldwide. Tracker's Tender Search facility allows you to conduct a more precise search for contract opportunities using a variety of advanced options including keywords and phrases, location, type and value of opportunity, awarding authority and date range, as well as by using industry sector and CPV code hierarchies.

Tracker Maps

With Tracker Maps, you can see the latest contract results on an interactive map which uses integrated cluster technology to illustrate the volume of contracts matching your search criteria - worldwide. Tracker Maps provides a powerful method of analysing opportunity trends. Explore the volume and geographic location of contract opportunities matching your alert profile, flagged contracts and online search results, using both basic and advanced search options.

Enrichment of data through Estimated Annual Value

The Estimated Annual Value (EAV) feature is a unique, forward-thinking tool and Tracker is the first service of its kind to provide this highly valuable information. EAV provides an estimated annual contract value. For example, a contract with a value of �3 million over three years has an EAV of �1 million. Calculating the EAV can mean that a contract whose total value may have originally appeared too high for an SME to tender for is actually within reach.

Contract Flagging

Contract Flagging is an important service component of particular use to SMEs. This functionality was developed to highlight contracts which are below the EU procurement thresholds and therefore considered to be SME-friendly. This business tool is in line with recent government policy in this area, as defined in the Glover Review. To find out more about why we are Europe's leading provider of public sector contract opportunities and business intelligence, call and speak to our Business Growth Advisors on 0845 270 7065 to ensure you get the full benefit of your Tracker subscription.

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