PROCUREMENT NEWS Procurement in a digital world


Digital transformation is driving public sector business forward and creating new opportunities for suppliers within the marketplace.

Read more about the public sector’s digital journey and the current challenges it is facing below.


Procurement in a digital world

Our parent company, BiP Solutions, released its “Challenges and Opportunities for Local Government Procurement in a Digital World” report in spring 2019.

The report considers the impact digital transformation is having on the public sector’s journey, revealing that between September and December 2018, local government in England spent £1.3 billion with the IT sector.

It argues that:

“Digital transformation remains a major priority for local government, as it does for virtually all areas of both the public and private sectors.”

One of the opportunities the report highlighted was nine councils in England sharing £700,000 to test technology-led social care projects, with funding going towards design and development.


Current challenges for procurement professionals

Although many public sector organisations are moving forward with digital, 17% of procurement leaders do not yet have a digital procurement strategy in place, according to a new survey from Deloitte.

And despite the majority of those surveyed stating they have a digital procurement strategy in place, only 16% of procurement leaders surveyed were focused on enhancing digital skills.

These organisations are at risk of being left behind; digital technologies offer many benefits to procurement teams as they help not only to manage risk but also to increase visibility.

Michael Daher, US leader of sourcing and procurement at Deloitte, has said “there’s no doubt that digital is a game-changer in procurement,” adding that “chief procurement officers should define a clear strategy and vision for digital transformation that is action-oriented”.


Get ahead in procurement

The public sector’s digital transformation journey leaves huge opportunity out there for organisations of all sizes.

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Aug 09, 2019.