How to win NHS tenders


The UK’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “determined to deliver” the promises made as part of the Brexit referendum campaign and increase NHS spending.

Mr Johnson confirmed a new £1.8 billion NHS cash injection to help improve patient care at the beginning of August.

Huge investment in NHS frontline services

According to Government Opportunities, as part of this investment the NHS will purchase “more beds, new cutting-edge equipment and additional wards will be delivered at hospitals across the country.”

This investment will be funded by the Treasury and is not a reallocation of funds from the Department of Health. The £1.8 billion will be added on top of the extra £20 billion a year by 2023 which was promised by former Prime Minister Theresa May in 2018.

What this means for healthcare suppliers

This investment is a further boost for suppliers seeking to win contracts with the NHS.

As Tracker’s parent company BiP Solutions notes in its latest market report, Current Trends in Healthcare Procurement: Collaboration and Transformation, “the National Health Service is an immense market, spending over £1 billion every three days.”

This report considers the themes of collaboration in the NHS, both in terms of how trusts work with the NHS ‘centre’ and how buyers and suppliers work together, and gives details of the highest-spending NHS organisations across the UK, breaking this assessment down into categories including IT, Frameworks and Medical Supplies and Services.


Currently NHS National sits in first place for spend on IT equipment, services and systems, while NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG sits at the top for spend on medical supplies and services.*


Find NHS tenders with business intelligence

Suppliers can expand their opportunities within the healthcare sector and win more NHS tenders with Tracker’s intelligence.

Tracker offers access to the largest public sector tenders and awards database in Europe through its Opportunities function.

Last year, Tracker published over 4600 contract notices and 1800 awards for medical and health supplies, equipment and services alone. It therefore offers healthcare suppliers the easiest way to have oversight of NHS contracts and all the opportunities in the sector.

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* Information covers 1 January – 30 June 2019. Figures are rounded and therefore approximate

Why early engagement is important to the creation of public sector tenders

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In the past Tracker has written in depth about how suppliers can engage earlier with buyers – but why is it important that they do so?

For a number of years the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) has been encouraging procurement professionals to engage with suppliers before they publish contract opportunities as this can help them to shape their brief.


Buyers need suppliers’ help

Early engagement works both ways. Suppliers can find more opportunities by engaging earlier and reaching out to buyers. Buyers can learn more about the marketplace and gain insight by engaging with the suppliers who design the products or services they require.

An article published on CIPS’s website claims that “early engagement is the key to marketing procurement success”. It also acknowledges the benefits of bringing suppliers into the buying process before the requirement has been defined: “they have an opportunity to help with the design brief and also build up a relationship with you”.

This is something that Gareth Rhys Williams, Government Chief Commercial Officer and Non-Executive Director at the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), discussed last year with Tracker at Procurex Scotland, noting that “early engagement is absolutely crucial”. Mr Williams encouraged suppliers to engage earlier so that buyers can get the best out of a procurement exercise:

“If we don’t engage with the market, we won’t understand what the market can offer or what suppliers have developed for a different buyer elsewhere in the country. If we do not talk to suppliers, then we miss out on opportunities and we will end up trying to procure something that they may not be able to deliver.”


Engage earlier with business intelligence

If your business is looking to win public sector tenders in Europe, Market Leads gives users instant visibility of new and pipeline opportunities long before contract opportunities are published, which means users can engage earlier with buyers and learn more about their needs.

Grow your customer base with Tracker’s business intelligence tools.

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EdTech investment boosts public sector IT contracts

At the end of 2018, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) launched a £550 million education tech (EdTech) framework for education bodies to procure ICT goods and services. The new framework has given public sector IT contracts a boost in 2019.

The Crown Commercial Service has announced that four more lots will also be available later in the summer: Broadband Fibre Infrastructure, Broadband Services, Hardware, and Audio Visual.

Learn more about one of the latest public sector tender opportunities below.

EdTech investment

Education is currently going through a transformation with technology changing the sector at rapid pace.

EdTech aims to change the traditional architecture of education. Some of the areas that the UK Government is looking to invest in are:

  • technology to reduce the time teachers spend in preparing and marking homework
  • training for teachers
  • improving anti-cheating software
  • the promotion of new technology in levelling the playing field for people with special educational needs and disabilities

New EdTech framework

The Director of the Crown Commercial Service’s Technology Pillar, Niall Quinn, has said that the creation of the new framework was guided by feedback from schools and the Department for Education (DfE).

The DfE wants to encourage the use of digital technology in schools throughout the country, and in April 2019 it published a strategy promising £10 million in support of innovation in the sector.

Speaking to UKAuthority, Mr Quinn said that CCS is “proud to offer a practical solution for schools to be able to procure all of their technology needs through one single agreement”.

Public tenders within the education sector

With the education sector changing so quickly, your business can take advantage of the public sector tenders that will come from this transformation.

Find out more about our business intelligence tools and how they can support suppliers to expand their reach within the education sector and win more public sector tenders.

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Top Tips to Becoming More Competitive

Your business will have heard time and time again how important competitor research is to a business’s growth strategy but this is true if your business wants to win more work within the public sector marketplace.

Tracker’s business intelligence tools can support this research and support those working in the public sector marketplace with maintaining their competitive edge.


Know your competitor inside out

Using Tracker’s Archive Data tool your business can discover which of your competitors have won business in the public sector before and what types of contracts they are winning.

Each Tracker customer is given access to archive data from up to five years ago as standard, but Tracker intelligence in this area goes back to 1998 – that’s 20 years of contract information.

Whether you are a Tracker customer not, if you would like to learn more about this module and how you can use it as a competitor research tool, get in touch with a member of the Tracker intelligence team.


Get to know your customer

Using business intelligence, you can begin to Identify buyer spend patterns and find answers to the questions that are most important to a business that wants to win more work with the public sector e.g. where they spend, with whom, on what and in which sectors.

With the right tools this isn’t impossible. Tracker’s Spend Analysis tool collates and publishes all English public sector spend data in line with the Government’s Transparency Agenda.

UK law requires local and central government to publish details of all transactions over £500 and £25,000 and as we collate this data and sort it in one central place, businesses using out tool can stay up to date with spending trends from the buyers you want to work with.


Find opportunities before your competitors do

The mistake that many businesses make is that they are not proactive when it comes to finding leads and it is one of the easiest ways to become more competitive.

It is recommended by procurement experts that you build a proactive lead pipeline across public and private sectors and engage earlier with the buyers you want to work with rather than waiting for contracts to be published.

Tracker can do this using the Market Leads tool as it gives users instant visibility of potential private sector leads, public sector framework opportunities and pipeline contracts long before they’ve even been tendered.

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