Dynamic Purchasing Systems versus procurement frameworks

dps v procurement frameworks


We have spoken about procurement frameworks in detail on the Tracker blog, but something that we haven’t discussed is Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS). That is why we have decided to compare the two methods below.


Framework Agreements

Many suppliers want to gain a place on a framework as the opportunities can be extremely lucrative. Being on a framework agreement can give suppliers access to considerable work if they are successful in the call-off contracts by which framework members are selected by buyers.

Framework agreements are also suitable for suppliers that are new to public procurement, as being on one can help your business build long-term relationships with buyers. Being on a framework can also increase a business’s credibility with other buyers.

The only downfall of procurement frameworks for suppliers is that once a framework has been closed, you can not apply to join it until it reopens.


Dynamic Purchasing Systems

DPS can be beneficial to suppliers as they offer straightforward and flexible access to contracts. Unlike framework agreements, DPS do not close. Suppliers can apply to join a DPS at any point during its lifetime. Like frameworks, DPS offer suppliers a chance to raise their profile with multiple buyers.


How can Tracker help?

Tracker offers suppliers access to information about both Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Framework Agreements.

Our Procurement Frameworks tool gives suppliers access to new framework notices for application as well as call-off notices and awards within an active framework. This allows your business to see which of your competitors is winning work with public sector organisations.

The Dynamic Purchasing System tool is new to Tracker and means suppliers can gain access to DPS opportunities and any required documents needed for tendering. Suppliers can also use this tool to identify direct competitors that may be on a particular DPS.


See how it works

A member of our team can help your business to start selling and tendering more effectively. Request your live Tracker demo to learn how to use both our Procurement Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing System tools.


Get started




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Minister for Digital encourages local authorities to bid for a share of new £95 million fund

Margot James, the Minister of State for Digital and the Creative Industries, is encouraging local authorities to bid for a share of a £95 million government fund which is devoted to rolling out full-fibre connectivity across the UK.


Full-fibre broadband network by 2033

In 2017, Philip Hammond announced that over £1 billion of funding will be used by the government to drive the next generation of mobile connectivity and roll-out of full-fibre networks.

The government is making progress with the Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) Challenge Fund initiative and last month Margot James urged local authorities to get involved:

“We recently set out our ambition for a nationwide full-fibre broadband network by 2033, and initiatives like this will be instrumental in achieving that. We want to hear from any local authority interested in taking part, so we can work closely with them on their plans to help them secure funding.”


Funding allocation

The funding will be allocated to local authorities with proposals that align to the following areas:

Rural focus – Local authorities in rural areas of the UK have a strong chance of winning funding as the government wants to improve or introduce Local Full Fibre Networks delivery in hard-to-reach areas of the UK.

5G or Barrier Busting – The government wants to support projects that can tackle “obstacles to the commercial roll-out of fibre and 5G”.

Public Sector Productivity – The Local Full Fibre Networks Investment Panel also wants to support projects that are dedicated to transforming public sector services. Projects should enable public sector organisations to access new cloud-based tools.

Market Development – Projects that deliberately target the development of the full-fibre market in a particular area.


Local Authority Tenders

The government is investing heavily in improving technology across the country. If you are looking to tap into this type of spending, find technology contracts issued by public sector organisations or local authority contract opportunities with Tracker.

Our business intelligence tools can help you to win more local authority tenders, simply request a demo to find out more.


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Public and Private Sector Tenders in England: Manchester Opportunities

Public sector tendering


Both private and public sector tenders in England can be big business for companies across the UK. Using Manchester as an example, a multitude of contracts are available from both public and private sector buyers, with new frameworks and building contracts being announced regularly.

Small works programme

Manchester City Council has announced a four-year £140 million small works programme, which will cover projects across both Greater Manchester and the wider North West of up to £500,000 in value. The small works programme covers a wide range of sectors and disciplines including new build construction, refurbishments, modular buildings, mechanical & electrical and refurbishments.

Manchester City Council has also announced that the projects put forward include, healthcare, education, transport, housing, cultural projects, heritage schemes, leisure centres and industrial areas.

Numerous plans have also been set before Manchester City Council for new residential developments including a 274-bed scheme which will be split between two separate tower blocks. There have also been plans lodged to transform the former Boddingtons Brewery site into a mix of residential and commercial use property.


Northern Gateway

Plans have also been announced for an ambitious Northern Gateway project, which will see around 15,000 new homes built in the area over the next 15-20 years. The plan hopes to merge a mixture of industrial sites into a series of new neighbourhoods.

Suzanne Richards, Manchester City Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Regeneration, has said that her organisation:

““Will be listening to and working with existing communities. It’s important that, as one of the largest residential-led developments the UK has ever seen, the Northern Gateway maintains its authentic Manchester roots.”


Manchester Science Partnerships

Citylabs is a unique development led by Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP) and is a joint venture with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) – the UK’s largest NHS provider Trust.

After the success of the initial collaboration. Citylab 2.0 and 3.0 were announced this summer. The new site will boast 89,500 sq feet of lab and office space.

The expansion is valued at £60m and will also create a national hub for precision medicine and data analytics innovation.


Commercial Opportunities

The commercial property sector has also been active. In July, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) announced that a £18 million Screen School is to be built at its central All Saints Campus in the city. The project is to be funded half by the MMU and half by the region’s combined ten councils. The councils’ contribution will be funded via a government pot of money intended to help boost the economy.


Find public and private sector tenders in England

If you are interested in any of the opportunities above, our Market Leads tool gives you instant visibility of potential private sector leads, public sector framework opportunities and pipeline contracts in Manchester, England and across the UK, long before they’ve even been tendered.

Find public and private sector tender opportunities in England with Tracker. Request a free personalised demo today.

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Public sector Tender Alerts v Spend Analysis tools

tender alerts v business intelligence


Different types of businesses require different types of solutions; so when it comes to finding public sector tenders, you may want to consider tender alerts and spend analysis tools.

For those starting out in procurement, public sector tender alerts are an excellent option; however, if your organisation wants to win business on a larger scale, business intelligence tools like Spend Analysis can help you find out more about who your competitors are working with.

We have weighed up both options below.


Public sector Tender Alerts

Tracker’s daily Tender Alerts give users access to relevant business opportunities. The main benefit of this tool is that your business will have access to real-time opportunities.

This is an excellent option for SME businesses that want to find work with the public sector. Whether you are looking for widespread coverage across the UK, or for European and even global opportunities, there is a package which is suited to your business needs.

If you would like up-to-the-minute data feeds from the OJEU and other UK portals, find out more about Tender Alerts.


Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis is an excellent business tool that can be used to collate public sector spend data. Under the Government’s Transparency Agenda, UK local and central government bodies are required to publish details of all transactions over £500 and £25,000 respectively.

Tracker can help you evaluate current and potential marketplace opportunities and identify buyer spend patterns – where they spend, with whom, on what and in which sectors. This is valuable information your business should have access to; without this Spend Analysis tool, it would be extremely difficult to identify such trends.

If you would like to track known competitors and discover new market entrants, find out more about our Spend Analysis tool.


What Tracker tool does your business need?

We have a range of business intelligence tools that can help your business win more work with the public sector.

Request a demo to find out how public sector Tender Alerts and Spend Analysis can benefit your business.

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IT tenders required to drive the NHS forward

IT procurement - IT tenders NHS


Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary, announced at the NHS Expo in Manchester last week that he will set out plans to make the NHS an ecosystem for the best technology available. The new plans will be part of a £20 billion long-term investment which is already in place to transform health and social care provision. IT procurement will be required as part of these plans – find out more below.


NHS app

The new NHS app will be piloted in five areas across England in October – Liverpool, Hastings, Bristol, Staffordshire and South Worcestershire. This trial comes ahead of a national roll-out in December.

The test version of the application will allow:

  • booking of GP appointments
  • ordering of repeat prescriptions
  • access to personal medical records
  • 111 online access for urgent medical queries
  • data-sharing preferences
  • organ donation preferences
  • end-of-life care preferences


Digital innovation

Over £200 million is set to be invested into a selection of NHS Trusts to create recognised centres for technological and digital innovation.

A ‘HealthTech Advisory Board’ is also set to be launched, chaired by Dr Ben Goldacre. This group will drive innovation in the healthcare sector forward, highlighting the focus areas where change needs to happen and where best practice is not being followed.

The Health and Social Care Secretary is positive about the latest NHS investments:

“Now is the moment to put the failures of the past behind us, and set our sights on the NHS being the most cutting-edge system in the world for the use of technology to improve our health, make our lives easier and make money go further – harnessing the amazing explosion of innovation that the connection of billions of minds through digital technology has brought to this world.”

Find digital and IT procurement opportunities

If you are looking for the latest IT procurement opportunities within the healthcare sector, stay ahead of the competition with Tracker Intelligence.

Alongside out Tender Alerts service, Tracker’s Market Intelligence tool gives users access to critical market information that helps healthcare suppliers tender successfully for public business.

Be the first to know about IT tenders – request a demo with a member of the Tracker team.


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Find public sector tenders in Europe with Market Intelligence

public sector tenders in europe v.01


These days, our news feeds are flooded with content from all corners of the world – fresh notifications seem to be endless.

With so much information out there, it is surprising businesses are still missing vital information that could help them to spark engagement with public sector organisations that are looking to work with new suppliers.

If you would like to find public sector tenders in Europe more efficiently, find out how with our Market Intelligence tool below.


What does Market Intelligence do?

Tracker’s Market Intelligence tool can help your business stay up-to-speed with all the latest procurement, industry and government stories, giving you the insights your business needs without any extra noise.

Our in-house researchers track more than 5,000 unique sources to provide our users with tailored market updates from across Europe and the rest of the world.

As your business will receive tailored daily alerts, it will be the first to know about valuable opportunities with buyers that want to work with suppliers in your sector.


Benefits of Market Intelligence

Daily procurement and market alerts are not the only benefits of using our Market Intelligence tool to find public sector tenders in Europe, there are several other advantages:

  • Using the information from Market Intelligence your business can identify new business opportunities early
  • The tool will help your business to track competitor activity and market changes
  • You will better understand changes in legislation and government policy and how they affect you
  • This is a great tool for decision makers who want to make choices based on facts
  • Real-time in-app updates
  • Full public and private sector news coverage


Give Business Intelligence a try

To identify potential new business opportunities in Europe with our Market Intelligence tool, request a demo with one of our Business Development Managers today.

With a personalised demo, our team can help your business to explore market trends that could help you win more public sector tenders in Europe.

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How innovation in procurement can help the NHS achieve savings

innovation in procurement


Innovation in procurement was a major talking point at this year’s P4H England event; indeed, there was a whole training zone dedicated to it.

As we like to stay up to date with all of the latest trends surrounding innovation in procurement, we attended Dr Harriet Boulding’s session “Procurement in practice: Requisitioner perspectives on buying in the NHS”.


Innovation & Efficiency

The Innovation & Efficiency Training Zone at P4H was designed to give delegates an opportunity to learn more about the technologies and proven approaches that can maximise the economic benefits of procurement reform.

ICT and eProcurement has improved supplier transparency and cost savings for the NHS in recent years; however, a new review of operational productivity by Lord Carter has calculated that up to £1bn of the NHS’s £9bn procurement spend could be saved by adopting best practices and modern systems.


NHS Trusts to upgrade procurement software

Dr Boulding, from King’s College London, spoke in depth about improving efficiency within NHS procurement during her session at the Innovation & Efficiency Zone. She noted that NHS Trust are working hard to find innovative solutions, and are:

“…currently looking at upgrading procurement software that processes up to £100m of day-to-day ordering across acute and community settings.”

Outdated procurement software can lead to a chain reaction of poor management. Lord Carter’s review found that some Trusts use up to 30,000 different suppliers and 20,000 different product brands and have over 7000 people who are able to place orders – which makes the procurement process extremely complicated for all involved.


Innovation and the public sector

Poor procurement software and poor IT skills were identified as two of the most common barriers to efficient procurement in a recent study by King’s College London.

Although this is a major challenge for those working in healthcare and the wider public sector, it can also be seen as a major opportunity for public sector suppliers that offer innovative solutions.

The Government has invested heavily in innovative solutions since 2012, spending £3.2bn on digital, data and technology through Digital Marketplace frameworks such as G-Cloud, Digital Outcomes and Specialists, and the Crown Hosting Data Centres.

Find out more about winning public sector tenders here.

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OJEU notice released for stalled Midland Metropolitan Hospital project

ojeu tenders for stalled hospital


At the start of the month, an OJEU notice was released for a £13m early works contract for the Midland Metropolitan Hospital project in Smethwick in the West Midlands.

The project is currently looking for a contractor to continue the work that Carillion had started. Works have been on hold since January 2018, when the construction giant went bust during its £297m contract.

The hospital, which will have 670 beds, is being created to replace large parts of Sandwell Hospital and City Hospital in Birmingham, and completion is due in 2022.


OJEU Notice

Client Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust published the notice noting that both parties want to work with an experienced construction company that can “undertake various protective and dilapidation works designed to protect the site as far as possible until a replacement construction contractor is appointed”.

The notice has also added that the “Trust is considering its options for the completion of the construction of the hospital and that will be the subject of a separate procurement.”

The winning contractor will work with a subcontracting team, which has already been agreed and consists of MJ Gallagher Contractors, Novum Structures UK, Prater, Dean Wilson Architectural, ETS (SW) and Shotcrete.


Find OJEU Tenders

OJEU tenders can be extremely lucrative, especially for businesses that want to find construction opportunities. In 2017, Tracker published 465,000 OJEU tenders, helping to connect public sector buyers and suppliers throughout Europe.

Did you miss this notice? With so many opportunities it can be hard to find the ones that are relevant to your business.

Find OJEU tenders that are suited to the product/services your business provides with Tracker Intelligence. Our features make it easy for suppliers to identify OJEU tendering opportunities…


Find out more by requesting a demo with a Tracker Business Development Manager today.

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Why Business Intelligence and Tender Alerts go hand in hand

tender alerts and business intelligence at Tracker


Many businesses start with – and remain with – a tender alerts package that can help their business get started when it comes to finding tender opportunities.

Tracker is a uniquely powerful business growth and development solution providing the intelligence and insight you need to expand your business and stay ahead of your competitors.

If you are looking for a tender alerts package which will take your business to the next stage of tendering, find out more about our business intelligence tools.


Tender Alerts

Choosing the right tender alerts package is the first step to success when it comes to procurement. There are many providers out there with a variety of offerings. However, a package that provides personalisation is the most effective for a business that wants to find and win more tenders.

Tracker users have the choice of packages covering UK, Europe, and Global opportunities. The vast amount of information that comes with these packages can be simplified as our team helps customers to build a tailored profile so that they will only receive relevant opportunities.


Market Leads

Tender Alerts offers users real-time opportunities, but what if you want to engage with buyers in ahead of a contract renewal announcement?

Tracker can help your business to identify new business opportunities while they are still being initialised. As well as Tender Alerts, you can choose to have Market Leads delivered to your inbox daily.

If an opportunity for your business arises, you can engage earlier through named buyer contacts before they have officially tendered for goods or services.


Market Intelligence

Our Market Intelligence tool has been designed so that your business can track competitor activity and market changes, allowing you to make informed business decisions based on fact. This tool gives your business both public and private sector news, raising awareness of potential new markets for your business.


Spend Analysis

Tracker’s Spend Analysis can help your business to identify buyer spend patterns – where they spend, with whom, on what and in which sectors, as this tool lets your business view and analyse spend at buyer, industry sector, geography, and supplier levels.


Choose business intelligence

If you would like to identify potential new business opportunities and areas for growth, request a demo with one of our Business Development Managers today.

With a personalised demo, our team can help you choose a package that fits the needs of your business so that you can begin to grow your business with the power of business intelligence.





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Irish public sector tenders: Ireland 2040 investment

Ireland 2040


It was announced in July this year that the Irish government will be making a long-term investment into the development of Ireland with Project Ireland 2040. This initiative was introduced to meet Irelands growing economic and social demands.

The Irish government predicts that the project will “make Ireland a better country”, helping it to achieve its aspirations across many sectors.

Here is what to expect from project Ireland 2040.

What is Project Ireland 2040?


The Irish government is investing into their country with project Ireland 2040, to meet their economic and social targets with core themes of wellbeing, equality and opportunity.

By 2040, it is expected that an additional one million people will live and work in Ireland.  With this huge increase, more people will be travelling to work, university and school. More buildings will be needed to accommodate them, infrastructure improvements will be needed, more farms and industries will be needed to feed them, as well as care facilities for the elderly.

Project Ireland 2040 is essentially the overarching policy initiative to make sure that growth and infrastructure are properly planned and managed throughout the country, as outlined in the ten strategic outcomes announced by the government.

Ireland’s National Planning Framework


To accomplish Project Ireland 2040, the government created a National Planning Framework that includes high-level strategic planning and development for the country for the next twenty years.

This framework will work alongside the National Development Plan to direct infrastructure investment at the national level. It will also allow each regional assembly to coordinate their plans to ensure that national, regional and local plans align.

What opportunities are available?


Many tenders will come from this project across a variety of sectors as the Irish government invests in the long-term infrastructure and development of Ireland.  Sectors that are most likely to benefit from this investment include:

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Transport
  • IT

Find public sector tenders in Ireland


If you are looking to find opportunities outside the UK, Tracker publishes tender opportunities from the Republic of Ireland and across Europe.

We have packages suited to all businesses, so whether you are an SME business or a large corporate organisation, we will have a package that is suited to your business.

Start finding public sector tenders by requesting a demo of our solution today.

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