Sweden’s £50 billion infrastructure plan offers UK export opportunities

export opportunities

Sweden’s 10 year infrastructure plan has been revealed to offer exciting export opportunities to supply expertise and equipment for the country’s road and railway projects.

The Swedish government currently has a 10 year infrastructure spending plan in place worth around £50 billion. This plan covers both road and rail projects, however rail takes precedence in the country. This fund also covers both infrastructure improvements, such as new developments, as well as extra funds for much needed maintenance. A few major projects have a combined value of £8 billion.

Opportunities in Sweden for road and rail

Opportunities exist at all stages of rail development from planning and consultancy through to rail build and rolling stock and procurement for new rail projects goes through the Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket.

Trafikverket follows the Swedish Public Procurement Act (LOU) and the Act on Procurement in the Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Sectors (LUF). These acts are based on European Union (EU) procurement directives and are only available in Swedish on Trafikverket’s website.

Trafikverket’s pre-qualification system called TransQ is used to advertise projects when they exceed relevant thresholds.

Current rail projects in Sweden

Major rail projects currently in progress in Sweden include:

  • East Link (Ostlänken)
  • West Link (Västlänken)
  • Mälaren Line project (Mälarbanan)
  • Gothenburg-Borås project
  • rail renovation through central Stockholm
  • Varberg Tunnel
  • Flackarp–Arlöv, 4 tracks
  • implementation of the European Rail Traffic Management System

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