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Tender Alerts from Tracker ensures you’ll never miss an opportunity for you and your business to grow.


Our Tender Alerts find the opportunities, so you can focus on winning them.
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Our Tender Alerts service is also available as part of our Advance, Premier and Elite
products – the only single business intelligence tools that deliver tenders, marketing intelligence, private sector leads and competitive insight in one simple solution.

If you choose to become a Tracker Tender Alerts customer, you will also receive £500 worth of additional tools and services delivered through our Business Growth Programme.

What's on offer What's the benefit
Europe's largest public sector tenders and awards database Learning Arrow Access an average of 50,000 tenders and awards and over 2500 low value contracts (not included in the OJEU) each month
Dedicated Research Team monitor over 2000 sources globally Learning Arrow We source all the opportunities so you can spend more time winning them
Daily Alert plus Live Updates throughout the day, six days a week Learning Arrow Be the first to know about opportunities and have the maximum time to tender
Real-time access to our full database and personalised search facility Learning Arrow Available online, any time, so you can access current awards and notices
Completely unique and personalised profile Learning Arrow Using keywords and CPV codes, plus saved search and filter options, you see only tenders that are relevant to you
29 years of specialist procurement knowledge and expertise Learning Arrow Our experience at your personal disposal to help you win the tenders we deliver
Access dedicated pre- and post-Account Management, help and support Learning Arrow Ensures that you not only get the right solution, but also make the most of your service
User-friendly system and easy-to-use functionality Learning Arrow Tracker allows you to flag contracts, view map display and complete advanced and bespoke searches