Healthcare Tenders

Healthcare tenders cover a wide range of services and governmental organisations such as the NHS rely on private sector providers to procure the critical services, supplies and goods they need. Tracker makes it easier to find, bid for, and win healthcare tenders.

How to Find Healthcare Tenders

medical iconThe NHS spends roughly a third of its £122 billion budget procuring goods and services, and has prioritised reducing costs and improving operational efficiency within the healthcare sector. The private sector delivered a total of £9.7 billion of NHS services in 2019/2020, according to Department of Health and Social Care accounts.

These figures exclude general practice, dentistry, and community pharmacies, which can also be delivered by the private sector. These are just a few of the many tendering opportunities available in the healthcare sector, with Tracker publishing thousands of healthcare tenders and bid opportunities every year.

With Tracker, you gain access to the latest tender opportunities in the healthcare industry — giving your business a head start to bidding for and winning valuable healthcare tenders.

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Sign up for a free trial with Tracker and start winning healthcare tenders today.

More Opportunities to Win Healthcare Tenders

The range of crucial services the healthcare industry provides means there is a constant stream of medical tender opportunities for equipment and services across many different areas and specialisms. Many of these services are provided by the private sector.

For example, a study by the British Medical Journal found that roughly one-third of the contracts to provide NHS clinical services are won by private sector providers.

This can include anything from tenders for niche medical equipment to social care contracts.

Medical & Healthcare Industries Seeking Suppliers

The healthcare sector is a rewarding industry for private sector suppliers, and they provide a vast range of services to the NHS and other buyers, such as:

  • Ambulance and emergency services equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicine
  • Dentistry equipment and services
  • Medical equipment and uniforms
  • Dermatology equipment

While businesses may be experienced in supplying these products and services at a high quality level, finding buyers is not always as simple.

Tracker helps connect suppliers to buyers through market-leading procurement tools — because finding relevant business opportunities within the public sector starts with having access to the right tendering intelligence.

To get your share of this lucrative marketplace and find out about new healthcare tenders as soon as they are published, sign up to Tracker today.

Tailored Support & Daily Tender Notices with Tracker

Tracker ensures you learn about relevant and valuable tendering opportunities in the healthcare industry as soon as they become available.

Tracker offers access to the largest public sector tender and awards database in Europe — including healthcare tenders from the NHS and other public sector organisations and local authorities.

When it comes to bidding on contract opportunities in healthcare, Tracker makes finding the right tender opportunities easier and ensures you never miss a new tender notice.

Helping Large & Small Businesses Access More Contract Opportunities

When aiming to win a healthcare tender from a government organisation as substantial as the NHS, our vast experience and exceptional business intelligence can help both large and small businesses (including start-ups) in their objectives to find, bid for, and win more contracts in the healthcare and medical sector.

After you have identified the relevant healthcare tender opportunities through our daily alerts, our bid management tool allows your team to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently by providing a single space to access, manage, and organise all of your bid responses. From there, winning bids becomes simpler — and winning tenders is the natural next step.

Equipping you to Win More Healthcare Contracts

If you are looking for new business opportunities for the provision of healthcare equipment and services, Tracker can assist you in finding the right buyers.

Our team can offer advice on how our tender intelligence solutions can help you find contract notices and new business opportunities applicable to your business. Get in touch with us today!

Alternatively, request a free demo to see for yourself how we can streamline the bid management process and help you win relevant, quality healthcare tenders.