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UK Government allocates £8 million to legal support

  In 2018 the UK government spent £30 million a week (£1.6 billion per year) funding legal services, which makes the public sector a lucrative market for those bidding for legal ...

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The UK Government has made new commitments to the energy sector

  In recent years, the renewable energy sector has seen rapid growth. Due to global energy demands, public sector organisations in the UK and overseas have been creating strategies and ...

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UK government’s plans to support the construction sector

  The “Industrial Strategy: Construction Sector Deal” released by the government in 2018 outlines a number of actions that are being put in place to support the construction sector. Already 6% ...

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Cloud Growth is boosting IT Procurement

  The need for cloud solutions in the public sector is creating IT tenders. Public sector organisations in the past have stood still watching private sector move forward with technology. ...

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New measures around government procurement introduced

  The UK’s Cabinet Office released a statement at the beginning of April 2019, warning businesses that are not paying their suppliers on time, that they could lose out of ...

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