Public Sector Tenders

Tracker Intelligence offers in-depth coverage of all government sectors with coverage extending to all open public sector tenders across the entire public sector. If the public sector is tendering for it, we’ve got it in our system. Winning public sector tenders are easier with Tracker.

Public Sector Procurement Solution

UK public tenders are not limited to private sector businesses that want to apply for tender opportunities; many governments also tender for these opportunities. Tracker Intelligence offers public sector procurement support and tendering intelligence technology that helps organisations win public sector contracts.

Our public sector procurement solutions have been specifically designed to help businesses & organisations engage earlier, be more competitive, and sell more effectively.

Tender Alerts

For procurement professionals looking to acquire comprehensive oversight of all public sector procurement opportunities in their specific sector, Tracker Tender Alerts delivers up-to-date, tailored information based on your unique profile straight to your inbox at 9am every morning. Regular live updates can also be provided throughout the course of the day.

Additionally, Tracker Archive Data, which is available through a subscription to Tracker Elite, spans public sector tender notices and awards since 1998. This provides additional intelligence to identify previous awards, frameworks and renewals ahead of re-tender.

A local health authority used Tracker Tender Alerts to notify them of tenders that they would like to bid for. They stopped managing this process manually not only to save time and resources but also to gain the confidence that they were getting complete coverage of the UK tendering market.

Commercial Projects

For public sector commissioners and category managers who are looking to generate additional revenue by providing their services to the private sector, Tracker Commercial Projects provides access to over 400,000 planning applications and 10,000 non-planning applications each year.

Local Council A on the Tracker Intelligence portfolio was looking to bid commercially to provide landscaping and grounds maintenance with a view to expanding into other regions outside its local area. Tracker Commercial Projects provided coverage of all new business opportunities for landscaping and grounds maintenance throughout the UK with a list of all the key contacts the council should approach with regard to being involved in the work.

Market Leads

Tracker Intelligence also provides access to Market Leads — giving procurement professionals visibility of potential private sector leads, public sector opportunities (framework and contract opportunities), and pipeline contracts long before they’ve even been tendered.

Tracker’s contracts finder and research team tag all live procurement frameworks coming in via direct feeds. Where an end date is provided, this triggers early notification of framework expiry dates.

An NHS unit used Tracker Market Leads specifically to pinpoint renewal dates and framework leads in order to plan ahead and contact neighbouring authorities who might not have been aware the NHS unit could provide their services when it came to re-tendering their framework agreements.

Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis collates actual spend and invoice data from over 1,000 public sector bodies and organisations. This information is then made meaningful by breaking it down via supplier, buyer, region, and industry sector — information which can then be used to help public sector procurement professionals with their planning and buying cycles. The analysis also helps them manage risk, conduct market research for a tender exercise, and respond to Freedom of Information (FoI) requests.

A leading UK government agency used Tracker Spend Analysis to determine how much both current and potential suppliers had been paid by their other public sector clients. This helped them to manage their existing suppliers better, in turn enabling them to make more robust contract award decisions. The agency was also able to identify if its own spending was consistent with that of its comparable peers.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence tracks over 200 unique sources of business, government, and procurement news every day, providing the critical market information that organisations need to keep up to date with key developments and tender successfully for private & public sector tenders.

A high-street charity used Tracker Market Intelligence to monitor market information specific to its sector. The charity created a unique profile that tracked its competitors, alerting the team to potential new partners and helping them identify where they should be channelling their resources.

Public Sector Contracts Made Simple

There are countless benefits to be found in using Tracker Intelligence for public tenders in the UK and beyond.

Whether your company is based in Scotland or elsewhere in Europe, we have the tender intelligence required to simplify the processes involved with government tenders. Tracker Intelligence gets you ahead with your public sector tender requirements and gives you access to more public sector tendering opportunities.

Sign up for a free trial with Tracker Intelligence to ensure you never miss new opportunities and notices for public sector tenders.