About BiP & Tracker Intelligence

BiP Solutions is a global market leader in the provision of procurement solutions

For 35 years, BiP Solutions has led the way in helping the public and private sectors work together

Tracker is a market-leading business intelligence service from BiP Solutions and is a uniquely powerful business growth and development solution providing the intelligence and insight you need to expand your business and stay ahead of your competitors.

Our range of packages is designed to support businesses looking to grow their share of the public and private sector market. Through a mix of intelligence and the latest tender alerts spanning UK and Global contracts, our solution enables early buyer engagement, giving you confidence that not only can you find relevant opportunities before your competitors, but you can also use powerful market intelligence to help you win them.

Is Tracker right for your business?

Our solution is designed for businesses that are already working with the public sector and are looking to grow their share of the public sector market.

Never worked with the public sector before?

You may be interested in our sister service – Supply2Gov – the UK’s leading tender alerts service, which can help you find your feet in the public procurement market.

Europe’s largest database of contracts information & intelligence

Tracker provides a range of business growth products and, through a programme of continuous development and innovation, Tracker remains the market leader in procurement information products.

Tracker is the only single business intelligence tool that can provide you with public sector contracts and private sector leads, coupled with market and competitor insights – all focused on optimising business growth in the public and private sector marketplace.

Through our business intelligence solution, billions of pounds worth of public sector business has been awarded to our client companies, directly benefiting their growth prospects.

Our penetration within the marketplace is such that more than 5,000 public sector organisations and 220,000 businesses in the UK alone utilise our expertise to realise their business development objectives.

Did you know…?

  • We hold the UK’s only aggregated database of public sector spend
  • 20% of the FTSE 100 companies use a BiP Solutions intelligence service
  • We hold Europe’s largest database of contracts information and intelligence
  • We publish more UK non-OJEU contracts than any other provider
  • BiP is the official contracts publisher for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • Tracker is the ONLY solution in the market that provides all business intelligence in a single, easy to use tool

We’re here to help

If you’re interested in winning more public or private sector business or simply want to know more about Tracker, we’re happy to answer all your questions. Visit our Contact Us page, or you can speak directly to a Business Development Manager by calling us on 0845 270 7065.

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