Market Leads (Tender Leads)

Get public & private sector tender leads before your competitors and give your business the edge in the procurement process.

Keeping You One Step Ahead of the Competition

Market Leads is a powerful tender leads tool that gives you instant visibility of potential private sector leads, public sector framework opportunities from local authorities and organisations, and pipeline contracts long before the tender process begins. This level of insight empowers you to make more considered business decisions on which leads to pursue well before any response deadlines.

  • Build a proactive lead pipeline across public and private sectors
  • Notice of recurring frameworks 6 months before the potential re-tender date
  • Private sector leads published at the earliest possible stages
  • Engage earlier through named buyer contacts before they have officially tendered for goods, works, or services
  • Tailored market leads alerts delivered daily

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Market Leads is only one area of intelligence your business could leverage for success.

The tool works well with:

Access the Latest Tender Leads Before the Competition

With Market Leads, companies can take charge of new opportunities by identifying relevant tenders and beginning a bid response before tendering begins. This simplifies the process of finding tender leads and helps you win work faster and more efficiently.

Our tender leads tool offers insight into potential contracts in your industry before your competitors and improves your chances of winning bids in the public or private sector.

Potential Private Sector Leads

Tracker Intelligence’s Market Leads tool gives your business access to potential private sector leads in various industries, such as the construction industry, where you can bid for construction tenders and improve your chances of winning the latest contract awards.

One of the biggest benefits of winning tenders for private sector contracts is getting the opportunity to grow your business. The private sector tendering process is less rigorous, which makes it easier for small businesses to win business in the private sector.

Public Sector Framework Opportunities

With powerful tools like Market Leads, you can access frameworks which assist buyers in the public sector with procuring goods and services from pre-approved suppliers.

By getting insights into framework opportunities first, you can start engaging with buyers in your industry faster, which saves your business valuable time. Once the framework is established, suppliers can also start working immediately and on pre-agreed terms.

Pipeline Contracts

Market Leads can help your business build a proactive tender lead pipeline by providing instant visibility of new business opportunities long before tender opportunities are published. This allows businesses to engage much earlier with buyers and identify their needs.

With Tracker, you can expand your business using industry-leading tendering intelligence.

Market Leads is only one area of intelligence your business could leverage for success.

Access Potential Contract Opportunities Easily with Tracker

With Tracker’s contract leads portal, you can quickly and easily gain visibility of potential private sector leads, public sector framework contracts, and pipeline contracts. You can search for and access the latest UK tenders (public and private sector opportunities) with our industry-leading contracts finder before any of your competitors.

Our services, resources, and online portal make searching for tender notices and tendering for new business opportunities quick and easy. With powerful tendering intelligence tools like Market Leads, you can submit bids and win tenders much faster, which can boost business growth and help you achieve your tender goals quickly and easily.


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