Procurement frameworks

Procurement frameworks are based on large volume buying and allow buyers to place orders for services without going through the time-consuming process of a full tender every time. Tracker Intelligence can help you find new framework opportunities and secure your place on these public sector frameworks.

What is a Procurement Framework?

Understanding exactly how the procurement framework (or public sector framework) fits into the full procurement process can enable you as the supplier to find, bid for, and win new business from public sector contracting authorities.

A procurement framework, more commonly known as a framework agreement, is an arrangement in which the buyer selects suppliers and sets terms for a period in advance — often as far as 4 years in the future.

These agreed terms can include timescales, price, quality and quantities. The buyer can then call on the suppliers in the procurement framework to deliver the specification when required, based on the agreed terms.

The Process for Call-Off Contracts

When buyers place orders as part of a procurement framework, it is called a call-off contract.

While a full tender process is needed for suppliers to gain a place on a procurement framework, once you are one of the pre-approved suppliers on the framework agreement, you won’t have to go through the full procurement process when these call-off contracts become available. You will only compete with the other suppliers in the framework to win the call-off contract, thus removing further competition as you set out to win these large volume buying contracts.

Although being part of a framework agreement is never a guarantee of work, being awarded a place on a public sector framework is a sign to others that your business is a key player in the industry and a credible & reputable supplier for procurement contracts.

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Benefits of Procurement Frameworks

Over time, public sector frameworks can deliver many benefits, including:

  • Reducing the overall costs and internal resources of the procurement process
  • The building of long-term relationships between buyers and suppliers
  • Better long-term value for both buyers and suppliers
  • Solutions that satisfy customers
  • The capture of knowledge and best practice
  • Ability to commence projects early on the basis of limited information
  • Alignment of procurement practice with government efficiency agendas, regulations and expectations of auditing bodies

Public sector frameworks offer many benefits for buyers and suppliers.

For example, securing a place on a procurement framework alongside other suitable suppliers eliminates further competition for your business when a call-off contract notice is released.

On the other side, buyers such as public bodies, government departments, and local authorities that enter into a framework agreement save on the time and resources needed to issue repeat tenders for the same goods and services.

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