IT Procurement

IT procurement is an incredibly broad category and covers a wide range of solutions such as computer-related services, software and hardware services, cloud services, and telecommunications equipment.

How to Find IT Tenders/IT Procurement Contracts?

ITInformation Technology systems and solutions are embedded into almost all enterprise-wide project management systems, and organisations need computers to drive strategic processes and manage operational procedures as well as for use by staff.

It’s important for companies and organisations to have the proper computer systems, hardware, and software in place to make sure they are operating as effectively as possible.

To find suppliers that can provide services at the most cost-effective price, they rely on the IT procurement process.

With Tracker’s contracts finder, companies providing computing software and hardware or services to the Information Technology sector can search for new business opportunities from local & central government or other public agencies and contracting authorities.

With Tracker, you will know about the latest tenders for IT as soon as they are published. New government information technology tenders get published every day.

Tracker uses email alerts to notify you about new business opportunities and offers market-leading tools and insights tohelp you find more IT tenders.

More Opportunities to Win Information Technology Tenders

Because of the size of the market, analysts have called IT procurement a ‘master spend category’.

There are a number of new IT tenders to be won for the provision of computing technology and services to the Information Technology sector, including:

  • Computer-related services & IT support
  • Data processing services
  • Software development & maintenance services
  • Technical consultancy services
  • Hardware and computer-related equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment and services
  • System management services

Last year, Tracker published nearly 20,000 Information Technology tender opportunities.

To earn your share of this lucrative marketplace and find out about tenders in the IT sector as soon as they become available, sign up for Tracker today.

Information Technology Tenders in the Public Sector

Information technology tenders cover a wide variety of services in the public sector that are mostly affiliated with government organisations.

IT support tenders and other IT contract opportunities such as those for software development, IT infrastructure, and IT security, are very important for private sector businesses tendering for public sector contract opportunities.

Whether you’re involved with software development or IT support, Tracker’s expansive tender database gives you access to the IT tender opportunities that are relevant to your business.

We supply IT businesses with a tender alerts service that meets their unique requirements. Access IT contract opportunities by signing up to Tracker today!

Are you Cyber Essentials Certified?

Since 1 October 2014,  if a government contract involves the handling of personal information or the provision of certain ICT products (such as computing equipment) and services (such as software development), it is mandatory to have a Cyber Essentials Certification in order to be considered.

This certification safeguards your company against 80% of cyber threats and presents an affordable solution for cyber security. When you show that your business has a solid cyber security plan, its chances of winning more IT contract opportunities increase. The certification shows that your business is secure against any potential threats.

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Why Choose Tracker to Find IT Tenders?

Tracker can give your company access to more Information Technology tendering opportunities in the UK, Europe, and beyond. With Tracker, you can define the types of contract you are searching for and receive daily alerts containing only those contracts relevant to your business.

In addition, we provide business intelligence tools that give you access to a global database of IT contract notices. Some of Tracker’s market leading procurement tools include Spend Analysis, Market Leads, Market Intelligence, Award Data, Bid Manager, Contact Decision Makers, Opportunity Search, and Tender Alerts.

These tendering tools are designed to help businesses find and win more business, including public sector contracts, frameworks, and pipeline leads.

Daily Alerts for New Tenders

When customers sign up for Tracker’s services, they receive email alerts when new IT tenders are published and get access to other data that gets updated regularly.

With tendering intelligence like Tracker, businesses can find new opportunities to tender and bid for IT tenders more easily while streamlining their procurement process. Tracker clients have the software and support they need to search for and win more IT contract opportunities in the UK, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Tender for IT Services with Ease with Tracker

Request a free personalised live demo to see for yourself how our procurement tools can help your business identify valuable market trends and get more IT tender alerts in the UK and beyond.

We provide a portal that allows you to search for Information Technology tenders in various sectors, such as software development, system management, data processing, and cloud computing. With the right technology and support in the tendering process, your company is better equipped to compete in the IT sector and win more public sector tenders.

Sign up for Tracker to start finding and winning more IT tenders today.