IT Procurement

IT procurement is an incredibly broad category and covers a wide range of solutions such as computer-related services, software and hardware services, and telecommunications equipment.

How to find IT tenders


Information Technology systems and solutions are embedded into almost all enterprise-wide project management systems, and organisations need computers to drive strategic processes and manage operational procedures. It’s important for organisations to have the proper computer systems, hardware and software in place to make sure they are operating as effectively as possible. To find suppliers who can provide these services at the most cost-effective price, they rely on the IT procurement process.

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Opportunities to win Information Technology tenders

Because of the size of the market, analysts have called IT procurement a ‘master spend category’ and there are a number of IT tenders to be won for services, including:

  • Computer-related services
  • Data processing services
  • Software development services
  • Technical consultancy services
  • Hardware and computer-related equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment and services
  • System management services


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Are you Cyber Essential certified?

As of October 1st 2014,  if a government contract involves the handling of personal information or the provision of certain ICT products and services then it is mandatory to have Cyber Essentials Certification in order to be considered.

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