“National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline” has been published

construction pipeline


The UK government’s centre of expertise for infrastructure and major projects, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, has released a document detailing estimated levels of investment over the coming decade – investment is projected to hit over £600 billion.


Analysis of the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline

The “Analysis of the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline”, which was released at the end of November, assesses announced projects, programmes, and other spending commitments.

The latest document has outlined that there will be over “£600 billion of projected public and private investment over the next 10 years”.

Although the UK’s infrastructure plans may seem ambitious, impressive progress has been made since 2010, as 98% of the long-term national priority infrastructure projects have been completed or are on track to be delivered – this includes major projects in sectors such as transport, energy and flood defence across the UK.


Gain Visibility of Commercial Projects

This document, which is published annually, is extremely beneficial for suppliers looking to expand their opportunities. Tony Meggs, Chief Executive, Infrastructure and Projects Authority, has said that:

“By publishing the pipeline, we are able to provide visibility, knowledge, and understanding of where infrastructure investment is being made and by whom. By publishing projections of longer term investment, we aim to boost market confidence and help the sector with business planning.”

To download the document, click here.


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UK government provides funding to businesses developing digital technology solutions for healthcare

Healthcare tenders


The UK government will spend £9 million with UK businesses that are developing digital technology solutions for healthcare.

Find out more about the latest funding plans provided by UK Research and Innovation and delivered by Innovate UK below.


Advancing new technologies

 The £9 million of new funding will soon be made available through the government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to help the UK improve outcomes for patients and provide cost benefits for healthcare providers.

Bidders are expected to show how their inspiring innovations can accelerate the development of digital health innovations and grow the sector.

On the government website it states:

“We are looking for projects that span a variety of technologies, markets, and healthcare needs and improve on the current health and care system.”

Technologies that will be the focus of this funding include:

  • virtual and augmented reality
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • the Internet of Things
  • data analytics and security


Taking digital health forward

An example of the type of business that could benefit from the new funding is FundamentalVR. The company provides leading-edge healthcare technology and is currently developing a VR surgical training platform for students to practise and gain confidence before operating on people.


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Tender opportunities with Tracker Intelligence

Tender Alerts

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Benefits of Market Intelligence

  • Identify new business opportunities early
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Bid Manager

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Finding Tender Opportunities with Tracker

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Facilities Management Tenders – New Opportunities for suppliers

Facilities management


When construction and facilities management company Carillion collapsed in January 2018, we questioned what would happen to the £700 million worth of contracts that Carillion had with the UK government.

The fall of the organisation has meant that the government has had to look elsewhere to fill facilities management tenders.

Find out about the latest opportunity below.


New Opportunities

Last month DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) launched a search for suppliers to tender for £2.9 billion worth of new facilities management. The new framework will open opportunities across the UK defence estate, replacing existing arrangements.

Through this framework the DIO hopes to achieve value for money for taxpayers and create a more diverse supplier base. The organisation will be working with CCS to procure these contracts.

DIO’s Commercial Director Jacqui Rock said:

“DIO is not only one of the largest providers of housing in the UK, with a stock of nearly 50,000 homes, it is also responsible for managing land and buildings across hundreds of diverse MOD sites.”

“We want to make DIO easier to do business with and adopting this route to market is one of the ways that we hope to achieve this.”

It has been estimated that each DIO call-off contract will be seven years in length, with options to extend up to a further three years.


Find Facilities Management Tenders

Government organisations like DIO are now obliged to forge relationships with SME suppliers, as the government aims to attain its aspiration of spending £1 in every £3 with SMEs by 2022.

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Post Brexit Changes for Suppliers

tender opportunities


The government is currently preparing for Brexit and is expecting “to negotiate a successful deal with the EU”. Nevertheless, they have published guidance on how to access tender opportunities if there is no Brexit deal and the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019 with no transition period.

These guidelines are among a series of ‘technical notes’ released to help British citizens and businesses understand the possible implications of a no-deal Brexit.


government tenders



OJEU Tender opportunities

With the outcome of Brexit still unknown for businesses, it is still unclear what access the UK will have the OJEU/TED. The UK will remain an EU member until 29 March 2019. Therefore, all procurement opportunities that fall above the thresholds will still be advertised on the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) until that date.

No matter whether there is or is not a Brexit deal, much of public sector procurement will remain unchanged as the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 are already part of UK law and will continue to govern public sector procurement for the foreseeable future.


Find public sector tenders in Europe with Tracker

Tracker helps businesses find out more about the OJEU process – we published 465,000 OJEU tenders last year.

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  • Connect buyers with suppliers
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  • Inform suppliers of tender renewal dates and framework leads
  • Reduce your business precious time and resources
  • Publish OJEU and lower-value contracts below the thresholds

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Irish public sector tenders: Ireland 2040 investment

Ireland 2040


It was announced in July this year that the Irish government will be making a long-term investment into the development of Ireland with Project Ireland 2040. This initiative was introduced to meet Irelands growing economic and social demands.

The Irish government predicts that the project will “make Ireland a better country”, helping it to achieve its aspirations across many sectors.

Here is what to expect from project Ireland 2040.

What is Project Ireland 2040?

The Irish government is investing into their country with project Ireland 2040, to meet their economic and social targets with core themes of wellbeing, equality and opportunity.

By 2040, it is expected that an additional one million people will live and work in Ireland.  With this huge increase, more people will be travelling to work, university and school. More buildings will be needed to accommodate them, infrastructure improvements will be needed, more farms and industries will be needed to feed them, as well as care facilities for the elderly.

Project Ireland 2040 is essentially the overarching policy initiative to make sure that growth and infrastructure are properly planned and managed throughout the country, as outlined in the ten strategic outcomes announced by the government.

Ireland’s National Planning Framework

To accomplish Project Ireland 2040, the government created a National Planning Framework that includes high-level strategic planning and development for the country for the next twenty years.

This framework will work alongside the National Development Plan to direct infrastructure investment at the national level. It will also allow each regional assembly to coordinate their plans to ensure that national, regional and local plans align.

What opportunities are available?

Many tenders will come from this project across a variety of sectors as the Irish government invests in the long-term infrastructure and development of Ireland.  Sectors that are most likely to benefit from this investment include:

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Transport
  • IT

Find public sector tenders in Ireland

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Ireland announces €7.8 million investment into digital services and facilities in public libraries

IT Tenders


Ireland’s Minister for Rural and Community Development, Mr Michael Ring T.D, announced last week that the Irish government would be making a major investment into digital services and facilities in public libraries.

This investment is part of Ireland’s “Our Public Libraries 2022 – Inspiring, Connecting and Empowering Communities” initiative which aims to develop Ireland’s public library service over a five-year period from 2017.

€7.8 million has just been allocated by the Irish Government. This, will be extremely valuable to public sector suppliers looking for IT tenders and technology opportunities.


IT Investment

Government Opportunities has reported that this investment will enable ICT infrastructure upgrades, meeting space technologies and digital learning suites in public libraries across Ireland.

When announcing the investment at the South Dublin County Library, Mr Ring noted that the investment will:

“Enhance the technological capacity across the library network and will further position our public libraries as an invaluable community resource…

The funding will support a programme of ICT upgrades and developments to ensure libraries can provide a service that is not only in line with the needs of library users, but which can also deliver new and innovative services.”

Broken down, the €7.8 million investment comprises €5.2 million from Minister Ring’s department and a further €2.6 million contribution from local authorities.


What is the Irish government purchasing?

Many IT tenders will come from this investment as it enables the provision of ICT upgrades, technologies, and facilities, for up to 300 public libraries. The Irish government plans to purchase the following goods:


  • iPads/tablets/smart devices for users and for staff to assist users
  • Computers and workstations including image deployment technology
  • Software to support design, gaming, and coding
  • Meeting space technology
  • Podcasting equipment and workstations
  • Mobile LCD screens with audio
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Digital training suites


Find IT tenders

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New EU-backed investment for Wales’ growing space technology sector

Tender alerts

Earlier this month it was announced by Welsh Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford that a new £3m EU-backed scheme is to be introduced to help Welsh businesses exploit the fast-growing spatial intelligence market.

Dr Peter Bunting from the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at Aberystwyth University says that the investment will feed into the Welsh economy, enabling “the development of new products and services”.

Find out more about the latest EU investment below.


£1.9m EU funding

The new initiative is backed by £1.9m of EU funding through the Welsh Government. Announcing the investment, Mr Drakeford said:

“Driving innovation through world-class research and expertise in our universities alongside businesses will secure investment and employability in this fast-growing sector.”

It has been reported that Aberystwyth University will work with up to 25 companies. Those chosen will help address challenges affecting the environment, agriculture, transport, energy and infrastructure. Dr Bunting commented:

“This rapidly growing area is just beginning to realise the potential for extracting spatial intelligence from drone technology. Through GEOM we can ensure that Welsh companies are at the forefront of this exciting and growing area.”

Earlier this year it was also announced that Welsh technology companies have attracted £115m in start-up investments. In January, the BBC reported that the Development Bank of Wales “has seen a rise in demand from companies in AI, digital and software”.


Work with the Welsh public sector

In recent months the Welsh Government has been actively supporting small technology businesses that are seeking to bid for tender opportunities in Wales.

With so much investment coming from the Welsh public sector, now is the perfect time to look for public sector tenders in Wales.

Find public sector tenders in Wales with Tracker Tender Alerts. We have access to the largest tender database in the UK, meaning your business will never miss an opportunity that is relevant to the product or service you provide.

Strong “niche areas” to boost construction tenders

construction tenders

Glenigan has revealed that there are opportunities for construction suppliers despite uncertainty around Brexit.

The latest market forecast states that private sector construction tenders may be on the rise due to an increase in the building of warehouse spaces, secondary schools, universities and student accommodation villages.

Continue reading “Strong “niche areas” to boost construction tenders”

Are you winning public sector tenders the smart way?

image showing public sector tenders


So your business has won work with the public sector before, but are you making the most of the opportunities that are available?

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These features are great for businesses that are already winning public sector tenders and want to find new opportunities ahead of their competition.

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