Local authority tenders in Scotland are booming

There has been plenty of positive action in the Scottish public sector procurement market recently, particularly for local authority tenders. With the lack of affordable housing for first-time buyers continually making news headlines, the Scottish Government has released £3 billion to local authorities and housing associations to support the delivery of 50,000 new homes by 2021, including 35,000 for social rent.

This huge investment is expected to drive the Scottish economy onward, with an output of around £1.4 billion per year helping local communities with 12,000 jobs. This isn’t the only good news, either. Scotland Excel, the leading non-profit Centre of Procurement Expertise, is directly working with councils to build tender opportunities that are socially, economically and environmentally beneficial to all parties involved.

The new £1.5 billion social housing framework

Earlier this month, Scotland Excel announced a £1.5 billion framework for building new residential housing. This is the company’s largest contract ever, with the 19 suppliers on the framework all paying the Scottish Living Wage to their employees. The contractors have also promised to use local and sustainable materials wherever possible, thereby meeting the requirements of Scotland’s Procurement Reform Act (2014) and its objective of contractors and buyers giving back to the community. These local authority tenders are set to deliver more employment and training opportunities, supporting collaboration between councils and the communities they serve.

The director of Scotland Excel, Julie Welsh, reflected this goal in her statement: “Both councils and housing associations are locally focused organisations that want the best for their communities, and we can achieve this through community benefits in national frameworks.”

Tender opportunities across Scotland

Opportunities in local authority tenders are increasing across Scotland for the construction industry. Councillors in the Shetland Isles have approved spending an extra £1.75 million on refurbishing local ferry terminals. Being a remote island group, the Shetlands rely heavily on ferry services for supplies; this refurbishment has been a priority for the council for some time.

This additional £1.75 million comes on top of the £2 million the council had already budgeted for the project. The construction work will cover 13 terminal linkspans, including material for a drawbridge to allow vehicles on and off ferries.

These exciting developments and others will run in tandem with the £600 billion that the UK Government is investing in infrastructure nationally over the next ten years. This is a great period to get a slice of the action.

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A closer look at the Spending Round 2019

Earlier this month, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, announced the UK public spending departmental plans for 2020/21 in a speech to parliament. The Spending Round 2019 sets out to tackle issues facing UK public welfare, including health, education and security.

The announcement has made headline news for being the first Spending Round for 15 years to increase day-to-day departmental spending, which the Chancellor has described as ‘turning the page’ on the last decade of austerity. The plans set out in the Spending Round are of great significance for buyers and suppliers working in the public sector procurement market, particularly with regard to central government and local authority tenders.

This blog summarises the key industries that the Spending Round will impact, and looks towards the future government tender opportunities that could also arise. As the holder of Europe’s largest database of live tender and award notices for both the public and the private sector, Tracker Intelligence is a powerful tool that can help you win more business through procurement.

UK public sector spending highlights

£13.8 billion more for public services

The importance of the Spending Round 2019 has been highlighted for one main reason. For the first time since 2002, no government department will see a cut to its daily operational budget. Day-to-day spending is now set to grow by 4.1% above inflation in 2020/21, with the Government’s release of £13.8 billion extra funding for public services.

Healthcare, construction and defence are the most heavily targeted areas of the current Spending Round. Compared to the 2018/19 public spending budget, the NHS is set to receive an annual cash increase of £33.9 billion by 2023/24. The Government has also increased investment in training for new staff within the health service, allocating a new £1000 personal development budget over three years for every nurse, midwife and health professional. This is in a bid to make NHS staffing stronger and more supported in the future.

The NHS is a vast market for procurement, with the organisation spending roughly £1.6 billion on goods, works and services every month. The increase in public spending means the Government is investing to improve future healthcare services, which entails more quality procurement. This is great news for organisations seeking to find and win NHS tender opportunities using Tracker’s market intelligence tools.

An extra £1.5 billion for social care

Local authority tender opportunities may be set to increase, with the announcement that councils will have access to a further £1.5 billion for social care. The news has been warmly received by local authority leaders, and the extra funding will drive greater procurement opportunities across the local government marketplace.

Defence is another sector that will also see growth in tenders, with the Armed Forces receiving a £2.2 billion funding boost to meet the ever-changing threats to national security. Look out for procurement opportunities in building new prison places too.

A promising future for local authority tenders

Spending Rounds and procurement strategies can be said to go hand in hand. Spending reviews allow the Government to analyse the structure and funding of the public procurement process to determine where further investments or efficiencies require to be made.

The £13.8 billion extra funding for public services pledged by the Chancellor in his Spending Round 2019 will work to drive the economy, helping SMEs and larger organisations alike to win more procurement business. There is now more opportunity than ever to discover and deliver local authority and central government tenders across a number of key industries and sectors.

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Top tips for finding the right tender opportunities in 2019

In a year of political uncertainty and worry for UK businesses in the run-up to Brexit on 31st October, knowledge of the procurement industry has never been so essential. Within the fast-paced procurement environment, with great change comes great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to grow by winning tenders.

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Despite Brexit, construction tenders in the UK are on the rise

In the run-up to Brexit on 31st October, current political uncertainty has meant that many UK businesses with operations in Europe have delayed making significant business investments. However, in recent weeks, public and private sector construction tenders across the UK have been on the rise and upcoming social housing construction projects have been hitting the headlines.

It is important to remember that even during a period of change and an ambiguous political future for the UK, tender opportunities that will grow your business are continually out there for the taking. Tracker is here to help you win them.

Tender opportunities in Social housing frameworks

Tender opportunities in social housing have been a hot topic. For example, a group of approximately 70 social housing landlords across the Midlands, South of England and South Wales have begun advertising for building maintenance contractors for up to £540 million worth of work. Together, the landlords service more than 500,000 social housing homes. They are looking to cover the supply of a range of internal and external building works including installation, replacement and refurbishment for use in the housing and related construction sectors.

In Scotland, Excel, the non-profit Centre of Procurement Expertise for the local government, has launched its residential new build construction contract worth £1.5 billion. This is in a bid to help accelerate building up to 50,000 affordable homes promised by the Scottish government, including 35,000 for social rent, by 2021. The Scottish Government has set aside £3 billion to achieve this, and Excel has joined with 11 Scottish councils to ensure the work is achieved smoothly.

The investment supports up to 12,000 jobs and an economic output of £1.4 billion a year, and the framework itself was designed specifically for SMEs to participate. It was revealed earlier this month that nineteen suppliers, including 13 SMEs, were placed on the £1.5 billion framework. These stats show the positive impact of construction tenders such as these across the UK.

Growth in professional construction tenders in London

Pagabo is launching a second term for its National Frameworks for Major Works and National Framework for Professional Services, together worth £10.5 billion. Chief Executive of Pagabo, Simon Toplass, has said that the success of the frameworks has resulted in extremely high “double-digits” growth year on year since their inception in 2016. Toplass also went on to report:

“Pagabo’s full suite of eight frameworks has delivered social value of more than £1.5 billion to date.”

The current Major Works framework has delivered high-profile projects across the UK for clients including Liverpool John Moores University, St Albans District Council and Richmond Upon Thames College.

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