Budget 2016: Infrastructure Investment [Slideshare]

Budget 2016: Infrastructure Investment

The UK Budget 2016 saw a continuation of the Conservative Government’s commitment to National Infrastructure.

Following the National Infrastructure Commission’s report Government has committed £430m for short term investments, as well £billions for long term investments, in Transport, Housing, Community Projects, Energy and Media.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP said: “We are giving the pink light to High Speed 3 between Manchester and Leeds; finding new money to create a 4-lane M62; and will develop the case for a new tunnelled road from Manchester to Sheffield.

“We’re making the Northern Powerhouse a reality and rebalancing our country.

“Across Britain this Budget invests in infrastructure – from a more resilient train line in the South West, to crossings at Ipswich and Lowestoft in the East – we are making our country stronger.”

PwC transport and infrastructure partner, Richard Abadie said: “We welcome the funding announced for further analysis of the Trans-Pennine tunnel, HS3 and Crossrail 2. This should help provide clarity around the commercial, technical and environmental feasibility of the projects.

With these projects come massive opportunities; this slideshare from Tracker explains these opportunities in more detail:



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