Gold Standard for Public Sector Construction Projects

The Cabinet Office has published an independent review looking at putting in place a new ‘Gold Standard’ for public sector construction frameworks.

The review, which is a result of a consultation on ‘The Construction Playbook’, will ensure the best possible outcomes for public sector developments, including roads, rail projects, schools, hospitals and prisons.

Working together

The standard sets out several priorities, ensuring government and the construction industry works together to tackle some of the major issues in project development, such as waste, value for money and driving innovation to achieve better, faster, safer and greener outcomes.

Cabinet Office Minister, Lord Agnew, said: “The new Gold Standard will make sure that vital public sector developments have rigorous measures in place to make sure public money is spent well and that projects are delivered successfully.

“This will be welcomed across the public sector, the construction industry and by the public, who have a right to expect the best possible public sector projects.”

Early Engagement

The review is a result of a consultation of the Construction Playbook, which was launched by the Cabinet Office in 2020 with the aim of making sure the public sector and construction industry work together better to deliver key infrastructure projects.

The Playbook calls for various changes which would see the supply chain engaged at earlier stages of a project, as well as a continued push to include SMEs within the supply chain.

Early engagement is becoming a more important part of developing frameworks and projects throughout the public sector, with government drives to include more SMEs, local business and therefore new innovations, and social value, into the marketplace.

In order to drive consistency across major government projects, the review advises early supply chain involvement (ESI), using Supply Chain Collaboration systems in all framework contracts.

The move will help to support the whole supply chain, meaning major schemes do not fall behind and small businesses have a greater chance of securing government business.

What it means for SMEs & suppliers

Implementation of the Gold Standard will add value to contracts by identifying SME strengths and use Supply Chain Collaboration systems to maximise social value.

To capture improved value from the contributions of SMEs, the review encourages ‘Supply Chain Collaboration’ to create supplier led alliances with supply chains that include local and regional businesses.

How Tracker can help

It’s clear that those seeking to tender to the public sector will need to begin implementing environmental and social value plans for their business.

However, the public sector provides a huge opportunity for construction organisations, and with a £117Bn public works spend in 2018, can you afford not to be part of it?

Tracker can provide you with the business intelligence you need to be part of the public sector marketplace, with access to tenders and learning sessions combining to help you take the next step.

Book a free demo with one of our experienced advisers today to discuss where the new opportunities exist and how to find them and stand out from the crowd using the tracker platform.

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