Healthcare innovations could save up to £25bn by 2030

Healthcare innovations could save up to £25bn by 2030

healthcare innovationsAccording to a report from an independent think tank the adoption of seven healthcare innovations could save the NHS and social care sector nearly £25bn by 2030.
The report from the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) warns that a failure to innovate in healthcare will lead to a significant spending deficit.

The publication ‘Towards affordable healthcare: Why effective innovation is key’ looks at possible innovations in healthcare that could lead to increased productivity and reduced costs that could result in savings of £18.5bn in the NHS and a further £6.3bn in social care.

The report finds that the UK is in a good place to innovate and improve health outcomes while reducing costs; however, it is not doing enough to do so despite the NHS’s commitment to achieve efficiency savings of £22bn while making productivity gains over the next few years.

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International Longevity Centre – UK

This major new report, supported by EY has found that whilst the UK is well placed to innovate to improve health outcomes and reduce costs, the UK is often not doing enough with the tools at its disposal.


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