It is now easier to bid for Government tenders

red tape around government tenders

The recent relaunch of the Crown Commercial Service’s procurement process has demonstrated the Government’s efforts to improve UK procurement and make it easier to bid for public tenders.

The new process ‘streamlines procurement’ for SME businesses that supply to public sector organisations through Crown Commercial Service (CCS) procurement frameworks.


Government eliminates red tape around procurement

According to the UK Government, there is now less ‘red tape’ for interested bidders, providing a more straightforward and affordable procurement framework. This bold approach will aid the efforts of various companies in the coming years for keystone infrastructure projects such as High Speed 2, Crossrail 2 and the development of ‘smart motorways’ across the UK.

Emma Jones, Crown Representative for Small Business, says:

“The new CCS contract is shorter and easier to understand and takes a more standardised approach. This should save SMEs time and money when deciding to bid for CCS deals and I welcome the approach.”


New processes

The new simplified procurement process from the Crown Commercial Service is due to be replicated at Government-owned Network Rail. Named the Supplier Qualification System (SQS), this new technology-driven platform is set to become the primary source for future procurement opportunities within the rail industry.

Network Rail is expected to procure £2 billion worth of goods and services over the next decade, and the new centrepiece system will cut out bureaucracy by streamlining suppliers’ progress through the bidding process, providing a more efficient procurement procedure.


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