UK Government Publishes Recommendations For Improving Transport Connectivity

Connecting opportunities

Late 2021 saw the UK Government publish its recommendations for improving transport connectivity across the Union.

The report, conducted by Sir Peter Hendry, undertook a detailed review into how the quality and availability of good transport infrastructure can support economic growth and improve quality of life.

Drawing on the evidence supplied by numerous industries, Sir Peter has published his recommendations, which will see packages of investment in transport connectivity across the UK, providing opportunities for suppliers to tender on a wide range of projects.

Recommendations include:

  • design and implement a strategic transport network for the whole of the UK
  • upgrade the West Coast Main Line north of Crewe
  • work with the Scottish Government to assess the East Coast rail and road corridor and appropriate investments
  • fund an upgrade to the key A75 link
  • work with the Welsh Government to improve connectivity between North Wales and North West England on the A55, M53 and M56 roads and on the North Wales Coast Main Line
  • relieve congestion on the M4 South Wales and England corridor by upgrading and building new rail stations
  • develop a package of measures to improve rail journey times and capacity between Cardiff and Birmingham and beyond
  • improve connectivity to and from Northern Ireland through the development of a long-term pipeline of infrastructure investment, better rail connections to airports and by supporting the Northern Ireland Executive in their participation in the All-Island Strategic Rail Review
  • take measures to improve domestic aviation connectivity through revising subsidy rules, reducing tax and by intervening in the assignment of slots at London airports
  • secure better rail connectivity for freight across the UK with ports and freeports as they are established

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “The Government’s levelling up vision can only be achieved if the transport system across the UK on which we all rely supports and drives economic growth, job creation and social cohesion.

“As we build back better, the Government is determined to do so in a way that levels up across the UK, bringing communities across the country even closer together. Wherever you live in the UK, a connected local and national transport network will bring you closer to all the social and economic opportunities available.”

Finding opportunities

With such recommendations accepted by the Government, and the drive to ‘level up’ the country, there will be many new tender opportunities arising across the transport sector in the coming year. Supported by the National Infrastructure Strategy, investment in transport will provide a wide range of opportunities for suppliers of all kinds. If you’ve not supplied to the transport sector before, remember new technologies – in particular around carbon emissions, green technologies and data processing – are becoming more important than ever before.

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