UK Infrastructure – Opportunities in Health


The latest Tracker report “UK Infrastructure – Opportunities in Health” has revealed that NHS procurement spend is over £27 billion each year, making it one of the highest-spending areas of the public sector.

Created in association with Construction Online, the report is the is the first in a series, which will consider specific infrastructure opportunities within Health, Defence, Education, Central and Local Government.


Infrastructure spending in health

The “UK Infrastructure – Opportunities in Health” report states that the outlook for the infrastructure sector overall is good, and reveals that growth in the sector is supported by planning data.

According to the National Infrastructure Pipeline for 2020/21, £5.3 billion has been attributed to social infrastructure, which includes Health, this forms part of the overall NHS procurement spend.


COVID 19 – NHS in a pandemic

The report also delves into the medical supplies required during the pandemic.

As the pandemic took hold, the UK Government’s focus shifted to ensure the NHS had everything it needed and it was clear early on that construction workers would play a crucial role in this.

The report states:

“Construction was one of the key sectors called upon to help with the production of equipment and materials in areas ranging from manufacturing equipment and logistical support through to providing expert advice and consultancy services. But, investment in hospital infrastructure doesn’t end once a hospital is built.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite as it will typically create numerous spin-off opportunities for products and services required to support staff, patients, and the overall upkeep and maintenance of the building concerned. Any healthcare supplier wishing to access these opportunities must keep on top of tracking this investment”


UK Infrastructure – Opportunities in Health

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