Archive Data

Access historical tender data back to 1998, putting over 20 years of contracts information at your fingertips.

Learn from the past to prepare for the future

Business decisions are reached through understanding not only the current marketplace, but what has gone before, which is why we provide historical contract notices, awards, PINs, frameworks and renewal information for you to analyse and use to your advantage.

Archive data helps support early engagement – where your business can help shape requirements and specifications.

Supporting your growth within public sector tenders and private sector contracts

Tracker Archive is a great way to:

  • Identify buyers who have previously bought products/services you offer
  • Engage earlier by spotting upcoming re-tenders in advance of new notices being published
  • Discover which of your competitors have won business in the public sector before
  • Uncover new competitors not yet on your radar
  • Investigate any sub-contracting opportunities that have arisen from previous notices


With five years of historical data as standard with each of our packages, why not get a taste of what to expect with a free three-day trial to Tracker Premier+ – giving you a flavour of all the core modules available to help you grow your business.

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