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Information is everywhere — Tracker's Market Intelligence tool cuts through the noise to deliver the insight you need.

Tailored Market Intelligence Delivered to You

Tracker’s in-house professional journalists research and analyse business and government news daily from our database of more than 5,000 unique sources and only provide you with procurement market intelligence updates matching your unique business profile for maximum relevance.

With UK and international coverage across both the public and the private sector, we do the work so you don’t have to.

Knowledge is Power

More than just a news feed, our procurement intelligence and insights provide a wealth of crucial market data and, when used strategically such as for strategic sourcing, can help you gain a competitive advantage and be more proactive when tendering for public and private sector tenders.

With Tracker’s Market Intelligence Tool, you can:

  • Identify new business opportunities early

  • Track the competitor landscape through activity and market changes

  • Be aware of and understand changes in legislation and government policy and how these could affect you

  • Help your organisation discover potential new markets or suppliers that you may wish to do business with

  • Make informed business decisions based on fact

With the right market intelligence tools for procurement, you can access relevant, up to date market data that can help you make strategic decisions and gain access to lucrative new business opportunities in the public sector.

Trusted by procurement specialists, Tracker’s industry-leading procurement intelligence tools make market research and trend analysis easier so you can focus on winning business.

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What is Market Intelligence?

Using market intelligence, suppliers can gather and analyse data on the relevant markets and competitor activity, which can help them make better decisions and identify new suppliers and business opportunities.

The Impact of Supply Market Intelligence on Procurement Decisions

Public sector market intelligence benefits suppliers by providing early awareness of future procurement opportunities and opportunities for early engagement with buyers while giving suppliers the tendering intelligence they need to gain market visibility and effectively plan their tendering strategies.

Using procurement intelligence products, suppliers can also gain a competitive advantage over other procurement professionals by using market intelligence data to track competitor activity and market trends, which give suppliers exclusive insights that can help them identify new buyers or gain entry to new markets.

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What are the Risks of Not Gathering Market Data?

Without market intelligence, suppliers lack awareness of new opportunities in the supply chain, which can cause them to miss out on valuable business opportunities. A lack of proper market research & analysis can also result in potentially missing the chance of early engagement and building sustainable relationships with new buyers.

By not conducting thorough market research or having access to procurement market intelligence data, suppliers are more likely to miss out on new business opportunities and remain unaware of economic conditions that can cause supply chain disruptions.

Why Choose Tracker for Market Intelligence?

Tracker is a trusted source that provides the right market data for competitive intelligence, which companies can use to expand their presence into new markets.

With Tracker’s procurement Market Intelligence tool, you can engage early with buyers, expand your market share, and use our timely intelligence to stay ahead of your competitors.

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