Spend Analysis

Use Spend Analysis to discover who your competitors are winning business with so you can target your market more effectively and find new business opportunities.

Driving Business Decisions through Data

Our procurement Spend Analysis software is a powerful tender tool designed to help businesses explore public sector spend data.

By including procurement spend analytics software in your spend analysis process, you and your procurement teams will have relevant spend analysis data at your fingertips, giving you complete confidence that you understand the UK public sector marketplace.

Procurement Spend Analysis for Clearer Spend Visibility

Spend Analysis collates and publishes all English public sector spend data in line with the Government’s Transparency Agenda, which requires UK local and central government to publish details of all transactions over £500 and £25,000 respectively.

Our research team checks over 1,000 sources and collates this data in one central place — Tracker.

What can Procurement Spend Analytics do for your Business?

Spend Analysis helps you turn spend data into actionable business intelligence that can improve your procurement process and strategic sourcing while helping you gain insights that give you a competitive advantage in identifying new supply chain opportunities.

Features & Benefits

  • Evaluate current and potential marketplace opportunities
  • Identify buyer spend patterns — where they spend, with whom, on what, and in which sectors
  • View and analyse spend data at buyer, industry sector, geographic & supplier levels
  • Search and compare the spending patterns of specific buyers and suppliers
  • Identify potential new business opportunities and areas for growth
  • Track known competitors and discover new market entrants
  • Develop your positioning and strategic sourcing through deeper marketplace insight

Improve data quality, strengthen supplier relationships, and support your overall public sector tendering strategy with Tracker Intelligence

One Tender Tool for the Entire Spend Analysis Process

When it comes to spend data published in accordance with the Transparency Agenda, the process of deciphering what is important and what is not can cause many SMEs to look past important aspects such as spend award information and buyer/supplier information.

This is all simplified on the spend analytics dashboard of your Tracker account. Here, you can search and filter according to suppliers, buyers, industry sectors & regions and see graphs of everything from the number of transactions to the income for each project.

With this overview and level of insight, you can improve your market positioning by keeping tabs on new market entrants, gaining a better understanding of competitor wins, and even identifying potential sub-contracting opportunities in your industry.

Equip Yourself with Past Data

Spend visibility in public sector procurement is regulated by the Government’s Transparency Agenda. So we know, for example, that the NHS spends roughly a third of its £122 billion budget procuring goods and services.

With Tracker’s procurement Spend Analysis solution, you can also see who a local authority’s preferred suppliers are based on past contract awards and what the supplier performance was like based on the awards thereafter.

Plan According to the Latest Projections

The public sector’s spend for 2023 throughout the United Kingdom is projected to be in the region of £1,083 billion.

The highest of these sectors are:

  • Pensions (£169.4 billion)
  • Health Care (£213.5 billion)
  • Education (£101.7 billion)
  • Defence (£57.7 billion)

While procurement spend accounts for only a proportion of these totals, this means there will be many opportunities for suppliers.

Effective procurement spend analysis will help you to turn these figures into valuable intelligence that you can use to actually increase your market share.

And, by knowing who competitors are winning tenders with, you can identify the areas in which you can make a place for yourself.

Tracker Intelligence — Supporting Your Procurement Strategy

When it comes to procurement, spend data is just one component of a good strategy.

Tracker Intelligence combines this with a number of other services and tendering tools to help suppliers’ procurement teams streamline and improve their processes around finding, bidding for, and winning new tenders and contract opportunities.


Enjoy the Benefits of Early Engagement with Tracker

All of Tracker’s tender tools, from Spend Analysis and Market Intelligence to Tender Alerts and Bid Manager, are designed to give you an edge over your competitors and enable early engagement.

With our business intelligence tools for procurement, you can do more than just plan ahead — you can have a real influence on the procurement process by networking, building relationships, and even educating buyers.

Access Tracker’s Procurement Spend Analysis Solution

Tracker’s Spend Analysis tendering tool is included in the following product packages:

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Understanding what the public sector is spending on is only part of the intelligence and insight available through Tracker.

Understanding what the public sector is spending on is only part of the intelligence and insight available through Tracker.

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From publishing the first national directory of public sector contracts, to being the first to market with our online Tracker solution, we have been the true pioneers of technology and innovation in the public sector marketplace. Throughout our 39 years, we have continued to evolve and chart new territory – placing our customers at the heart of everything we do. Take your business to the next level with Tracker now.