How can your SME find local authority tenders?

find local authority tenders


One of the best ways local authorities can support small businesses is by buying from them.

In 2017, one of the main focuses for local authorities was ethical procurement. It has now been revealed that 42% of top tier council spending is now with SMEs*.

This makes now an excellent time to find local authority tenders that are relevant to your business.

Find out more about local authority tenders below.


Why do local authorities want to work with SMEs?

It is common sense that if local authorities spend with small firms, it will help to improve the economic development of an area.

SMEs are often a key source for job creation and economic growth, as Philip Hammond acknowledged during the Autumn Budget 2017 speech in which he stated that it is the 5.5 million small businesses that are “responsible for nearly half of our private sector jobs.”

By supporting the activities of small businesses, local authorities can help to deliver long-term benefits to the region that they are managing.


Local authority tender opportunities

In 2018, public sector spend throughout the UK is projected to be in the region of £797 billion, and a large chunk of this money will be allocated to and spent by local authority organisations. How can your SME find the opportunities on offer?


Sign up for alerts

With so many opportunities available, SMEs may find it valuable to invest in a tender alerts solution that will help employees to pinpoint valuable opportunities for their business.

The Tracker tender alerts service  will allow you to search for opportunities using CPV codes, specific keywords and geography, meaning that you will receive only tender opportunities relevant to your business.


Spend Analysis

The main benefit of a spend analysis tool is that you can find out who local authority organisations and working with. This may help your business to pinpoint potential new customers too!


Market Intelligence

Knowledge equals power and if you are serious about finding procurement opportunities before your competitors, then your business must keep up to date with the latest news from local authorities around the country. Tracker can help you to manage this, providing you with relevant news stories that will enhance your company’s intelligence.


Supply chain opportunities

Small businesses in the UK play a major part in local authorities’ supply chains. In most cases, supply chain opportunities have a private sector organisation as buyer, opening another set of doors for your SME.

If you are interested in supplying services or products to local authorities across the country, find out more during a free demo with a Tracker Business Growth Advisor.


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