Cloud Growth is boosting IT Procurement


The need for cloud solutions in the public sector is creating IT tenders.

Public sector organisations in the past have stood still watching private sector move forward with technology.

However, since the launch of frameworks like G-Cloud many are seeking out advice on how they can move forward using innovations like the cloud. This encouraging change in attitude creates new opportunities for IT suppliers and opens the marketplace to start-ups and SMEs with niche technological solutions.


What cloud solutions is the UK Government investing in?

The UK public sector is embracing cloud solutions and is looking to work with suppliers that can provide the following services:

  • cloud hosting (e.g. content delivery networks and load balancing services)
  • cloud software (e.g. accounting tools and customer service management software)
  • cloud support (e.g. migration services and ongoing support)

These services are procured through the G-Cloud framework with opportunities published on the Government’s Digital Marketplace. Last year it was reported that over 1,850 opportunities for suppliers to do business with the public sector were published.


European opportunities

Currently there is no such framework for IT and cloud services across Europe, which makes these opportunities harder to find. Computer Weekly has reported that this could create challenges both for suppliers and the buyers seeking these opportunities. The online publication noted that:

“There’s a new awareness across Europe that things have to change and cloud services are on the agenda…

As yet, the UK’s G-Cloud initiative is in a class of its own, but there’s plenty of time for the rest of the continent to catch up.”


Find IT tenders

The growth in demand for cloud solutions means that there are opportunities to win business with public sector organisations in the UK and across Europe.

If you are winning work with the public sector and would like to expand your search for IT tenders, follow the link to learn more.


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