How to Find Tender Opportunities in 2018

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Start 2018 the right way and find tender opportunities that are relevant to your business.

In the procurement marketplace, knowledge is power. Due to the fast-paced environment that public sector buyers and suppliers work in, it can be hard to keep up with the tender opportunities that are available to your business.

Going into 2018, your business should explore tender opportunities with both the public and the private sector. Procurement is a lucrative marketplace and there are valuable contracts to be won in several industries.

Find out more about how your business can find, bid for and win tender opportunities in your sector.

Find more tenders

Start by looking for tenders in the right places. If you are interested in working with the public sector, keep up to date with industry reports and news stories.

New public procurement opportunities are often available after the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget announcement. Find out how you can get into a position to win in our Post Autumn Budget guide.

Be more responsive

Make sure that you are not only engaged with news stories that affect your sector but also responsive.

The state of your industry will impact your business; and if the services or products you offer are in demand, it is the perfect time for your business to open its solutions to the procurement marketplace.

If you see that an opportunity is in the pipeline, get in touch with the public sector body that is due to release that tender. This notice of interest will give you a head start on your competitors and you may gain new connections from the engagement.


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Use market intelligence

With so much data constantly being added to the internet, how can you find the news stories that are relevant to your business?

This is where Market Intelligence comes in. Tracker customers have access to a tool that tracks over 200 unique sources of business, government and procurement news every day.

It is extremely useful to both SMEs and large corporate businesses that are struggling with resources. This tool eliminates manual search and provides users with the critical market information that will allow you to source more business in 2018.

Get tender opportunities sent to your inbox

With Tracker’s tender alert package, there is no longer a need to look for tenders. When you subscribe to our service, you will no longer need to touch base with Google – you will be able to find relevant tender opportunities in your inbox.

Tender alerts are excellent for businesses that do not have the time to seek out tenders that are specific to their business. Monitoring over 2000 sources can be extremely time-consuming for those looking for niche opportunities.

Tracker Intelligence has a team of highly skilled researchers who collate tenders from all sectors into one place. This customised service means that you will never miss another tendering opportunity, and you will only receive notifications for the type of tenders that will benefit your business.

Sell more efficiently in 2018

If you want to tender successfully for both public and private sector business, Tracker can help! Request a personal demo and we will give you examples of live tender opportunities that your business can bid for going into 2018.

Contact Tracker Intelligence today or fill in our form now to book your free demo.


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