Growth Secures Scottish Construction Pipeline

In July 2021, Scottish Futures Trust launched the Scottish Construction Pipeline Database, in response to the construction sector’s need for clear visibility of anticipated work across the public sector.

The Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool provides greater transparency on future construction workload, helping businesses plan better and maintain their investment in skills and future training needs. Since its launch, Scotland’s public bodies and private sector construction businesses have welcomed the benefits delivered by the tool.


By registering on the website, private sector businesses now have access to specific details of over 1,500 future infrastructure projects that have been submitted by 45 Scottish public bodies. The number of registered website users currently exceeds 600.

For the public sector, the pipeline encourages greater collaboration between public sector organisations through a greater understanding of their respective investment pipelines.

Project boom

With the latest update bringing an expanded list of some 1,500 projects, across 20 sectors, the pipeline has shown solid growth since its launch, with projects registered on the pipeline valued at some £11Bn.

Peter Reekie, chief executive of the Scottish Futures Trust and chair of the Executive Group of the Scottish Construction Leadership Forum said: “The work of the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) in ensuring the Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool remains current and relevant, and provides the construction sector with vital information to help them manage their businesses effectively and plan for future work.

“This is the first update since the Tool’s launch last summer. The next update is planned for June 2022 where we anticipate continued support by public bodies submitting details of their infrastructure projects and increase the number of projects and awareness.”

Stuart Parker, managing director of Morgan Sindall, Scotland, member of the Construction Scotland Industry Leadership Group and Chair of the Pipeline & Commercials sub-group, said: “The tool has already provided invaluable insight for our business as we plan ahead, and we welcome the continued management by SFT and support by public bodies in providing their data. I would welcome public sector bodies whose projects are not included to engage with the Scottish Futures Trust and support this key initiative.”

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