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Tracker host the largest tenders database in Europe, offering a wide range of healthcare tenders, issued by both private healthcare providers and the NHS, that can expand your business. If your business is seeking to become an NHS supplier in the near future, now is the time to start your preparation. The NHS is looking to encourage new innovative suppliers to work with the healthcare sector and NHS tenders are published every day, which Tracker can help you win.

Tracker’s parent company, BiP Solutions, recently published their latest NHS market report, ‘Current Trends in Healthcare Procurement: Beyond collaboration and transformation’. The report offers a rich overview of the current themes surrounding the NHS and its services, and the need for a greater quality of care, combined with greater efficiency and collaboration in healthcare procurement to meet the demands of its ever-growing, ever-changing service.

The sheer size of the NHS is worth acknowledging, as it is a huge advantage for potential new suppliers. The NHS is the fifth largest organisation in the world by employee size and spends over £1 billion every three days. As shown in the attached infographic, the highest-spending NHS organisations across the UK are divided across categories including IT, Frameworks, Medical Supplies and Services. The value of contracts, ranging from £45.8 million to £16.49 billion from the NHS biggest spenders, shows the sheer volume of opportunity available for business growth in the NHS for potential new suppliers of all sizes, from SMEs to larger global companies.

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For new businesses looking to grow in the healthcare sector, the current climate offers an exciting opportunity to build innovative ways of providing the goods, works and services required by the NHS. Innovation is one way in which emerging suppliers can help the NHS to solve complex challenges through procurement.

Tracker’s business intelligence tools help you receive healthcare tenders relevant to your business every day, direct to your inbox, saving you time and resource in searching for them. Tracker also supports you to set up strategies to engage earlier with healthcare buyers before a tender has even been published, so you can be proactive in establishing relationships with buyers and influence their decision when awarding the contract.

The drive for ever more effective procurement in the healthcare sector offers extensive potential for business growth. With the help of Tracker, your business will have the best chance to win NHS tenders. Not only will Tracker’s experience and expertise in healthcare procurement enhance your market knowledge, but your business will experience first-hand how Tracker gives you a competitive advantage and can increase your tendering success in the sector. Sign up for your free trial of Tracker, which enables you to experience Tracker’s powerful business intelligence tools completely free of charge for three days.

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