Public sector Tender Alerts v Spend Analysis tools


Different types of businesses require different types of solutions; so when it comes to finding public sector tenders, you may want to consider tender alerts and spend analysis tools.

For those starting out in procurement, public sector tender alerts are an excellent option; however, if your organisation wants to win business on a larger scale, business intelligence tools like Spend Analysis can help you find out more about who your competitors are working with.

We have weighed up both options below.


Public sector Tender Alerts

Tracker’s daily Tender Alerts give users access to relevant business opportunities. The main benefit of this tool is that your business will have access to real-time opportunities.

This is an excellent option for SME businesses that want to find work with the public sector. Whether you are looking for widespread coverage across the UK, or for European and even global opportunities, there is a package which is suited to your business needs.

If you would like up-to-the-minute data feeds from the OJEU and other UK portals, find out more about Tender Alerts.


Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis is an excellent business tool that can be used to collate public sector spend data. Under the Government’s Transparency Agenda, UK local and central government bodies are required to publish details of all transactions over £500 and £25,000 respectively.

Tracker can help you evaluate current and potential marketplace opportunities and identify buyer spend patterns – where they spend, with whom, on what and in which sectors. This is valuable information your business should have access to; without this Spend Analysis tool, it would be extremely difficult to identify such trends.

If you would like to track known competitors and discover new market entrants, find out more about our Spend Analysis tool.


What Tracker tool does your business need?

We have a range of business intelligence tools that can help your business win more work with the public sector.

Request a demo to find out how public sector Tender Alerts and Spend Analysis can benefit your business.