Suppliers must “deliver on social value” when bidding for public sector contracts

Our parent company BiP Solutions has released its latest market report, “Is Procurement Good Business?”.

The report delves into the importance of social value, supply chain management, legislation and innovation in the current procurement landscape.

Social value has been a hot topic among public sector professionals in recent years, making this report extremely relevant in terms of the challenges faced by the community.

If you would like to learn more about social value in procurement, we provide a sneak peak into “Is Procurement Good Business?” below.

Social value is impacting on procurement strategy

In the past Tracker has written about why social value is important in procurement and how social value is becoming more important than ever before to public sector organisations. This is something that the latest BiP Solutions report now explores in greater detail.

The report offers insight into the latest discussions around procurement at Procurex National 2019, referencing speeches from key figures across UK procurement, including Malcolm Harrison, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS); Simon Tse, CEO of the Crown Commercial Service (CCS); and Mark Roberts, Continuous Commercial Improvement Director at the Cabinet Office.

The report also presents statistics from a 2018 survey conducted by iGov. One of the standout figures is that 85% of procurement professionals stated that “social value had a ‘high’ or ‘medium’ impact on their strategy”.

Why suppliers must consider social value

Aside from the fact that social value currently has a major impact on procurement strategy, industry leaders are encouraging suppliers to review their social value strategies.

BiP Solutions has over 35 years’ experience in procurement. Susan Staley, Head of Digital Marketing at BiP, gives her take on social value within the report. She recommends that suppliers should:

“ … ensure they are set up to deliver on demonstrating social value in their bid responses to remain relevant, stand out, and therefore gain potential competitive advantage.”


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