UK Government allocates £8 million to legal support


In 2018 the UK government spent £30 million a week (£1.6 billion per year) funding legal services, which makes the public sector a lucrative market for those bidding for legal tenders.

This year the government has released plans on how it intends to help those who need legal support resolve their difficulties “at the earliest opportunity”, before they become entangled in the legal system or need legal representation. £8million will be invested as part of this.

Learn more about the Government’s vision for the legal sector below.


Investment into legal support

In February 2019, Justice Minister Lucy Frazer announced several actions that the government is undertaking as part of a “Legal Support Action Plan” that aims to deliver quicker and easier access to legal support services.

The government will invest up to £5 million to deliver innovative services for those that require legal support.

This will create new opportunities for those supplying technological goods and services to the sector as Ms Frazer has stated that the government is “emphasising the need for new technologies and new ideas to catch people early, before their problems escalate to the courtroom.”

She has also noted that:

“Legal aid will continue to play an important role and we are committed to ensuring people can access the help they need into the future.”

The government has backed this by releasing an additional £3 million to support those representing themselves through the court system.


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To deliver the “Legal Support Action Plan”, the UK government must work with innovative suppliers from a wide range of backgrounds.

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