PROCUREMENT NEWS Quick Guide: What is The OJEU?

What is the OJEU

Continuing our series of blogs on understanding public procurement, we’re covering one of the most important aspects of the procurement process – OJEU tenders.

If you are looking for OJEU procurement opportunities, read on to find out more about the OJEU including what it is and what aspects of it affect your business.

What is the OJEU?

The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) is published by the Publications Office and contains public sector contract tenders and notices from every EU member country.

The OJEU is published online in the official languages of the European Union’s member states every morning of every working day since 1 February 2003. It is also available as a daily paper edition or an off-line CD-ROM.

The journal consists of 3 sections – the L, C and S Series.

The OJEU L-Series

The Official Journal’s L Series contains EU legislation including:

  • regulations
  • directives
  • decisions
  • recommendations
  • opinions

The publication’s L-Series also contains the “Directory of Community Legislation in Force”.

View the L Series of OJEU via EUR-Lex

The OJEU C-Series

OJEU’s C Series covers EU information and notices including:

  • summaries of judgments of the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance
  • minutes of parliamentary meetings
  • reports of the Court of Auditors
  • parliamentary written questions and answers from the Council or Commission
  • statements from the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions
  • calls for expressions of interest for EU programmes and projects
  • public contracts for food aid

View the C Series of OJEU via EUR-Lex

The OJEU S-Series

OJEU S Series is actually a Supplement to the Official Journal that contains all the public procurement notices and awards that are valued above a threshold level from across the EU.

Every Invitation to Tender published in the OJEU is available as a business opportunity via Tracker either as a daily tender alert or the contracts finder facility.

The Supplement to OJEU includes:

  • public sector contracts for works, supplies and services from EU member countries
  • utility company contracts including energy, telecommunications, transport and water industries
  • EU institution contracts
  • European Development Fund contracts
  • Notices involving/concerning EEIGs (European Economic Interest Groups)

OJEU Thresholds

Before you get started with OJEU tenders it is important that you have a copy of the procurement thresholds.

OJEU thresholds apply to the following types of contracting authorities, as defined by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015:

  • Central Government departments (and their Executive Agencies)
  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies
  • Executive Agencies
  • Wider public sector organisations

Buyers for all types of contracting authority must ensure that all contract notices for procurement valued above EU thresholds are published throughout the EU via the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Find out about the most recent OJEU thresholds.


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OJEU Procurement

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