Why Business Intelligence and Tender Alerts go hand in hand

tender alerts and business intelligence at Tracker


Many businesses start with – and remain with – a tender alerts package that can help their business get started when it comes to finding tender opportunities.

Tracker is a uniquely powerful business growth and development solution providing the intelligence and insight you need to expand your business and stay ahead of your competitors.

If you are looking for a tender alerts package which will take your business to the next stage of tendering, find out more about our business intelligence tools.


Tender Alerts

Choosing the right tender alerts package is the first step to success when it comes to procurement. There are many providers out there with a variety of offerings. However, a package that provides personalisation is the most effective for a business that wants to find and win more tenders.

Tracker users have the choice of packages covering UK, Europe, and Global opportunities. The vast amount of information that comes with these packages can be simplified as our team helps customers to build a tailored profile so that they will only receive relevant opportunities.


Market Leads

Tender Alerts offers users real-time opportunities, but what if you want to engage with buyers in ahead of a contract renewal announcement?

Tracker can help your business to identify new business opportunities while they are still being initialised. As well as Tender Alerts, you can choose to have Market Leads delivered to your inbox daily.

If an opportunity for your business arises, you can engage earlier through named buyer contacts before they have officially tendered for goods or services.


Market Intelligence

Our Market Intelligence tool has been designed so that your business can track competitor activity and market changes, allowing you to make informed business decisions based on fact. This tool gives your business both public and private sector news, raising awareness of potential new markets for your business.


Spend Analysis

Tracker’s Spend Analysis can help your business to identify buyer spend patterns – where they spend, with whom, on what and in which sectors, as this tool lets your business view and analyse spend at buyer, industry sector, geography, and supplier levels.


Choose business intelligence

If you would like to identify potential new business opportunities and areas for growth, request a demo with one of our Business Development Managers today.

With a personalised demo, our team can help you choose a package that fits the needs of your business so that you can begin to grow your business with the power of business intelligence.





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