How to Win Local Authority Tenders


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Local authorities in the UK are responsible for providing a very broad range of public services. Education, social care, roads and transport, economic development, housing and planning, environmental protection, waste management, cultural and leisure all fall under the remit of local authorities across the country.

This means that there is a steady stream of tender opportunities issued by local authorities, not just in the UK but across the world. Getting started is often the hard part but there are many things your business can do to get ahead of the competition in your sector.

Find out how to win local authority tenders below.

Achieve Visibility

Make a great first impression. Local authorities want to work with businesses of all sizes, so do not assume that your business is too small to win. To win tenders, yours must stand out, whether you are an SME or a large corporation.

How can your business do this?  Start a dialogue with your local authority. By doing this, you may discover when contracts are being renewed.

The trick is finding the right contact person and asking the right questions. While this can be time consuming, it will be extremely valuable for your business.


winning local authority tenders by meeting buyers


Attend Networking Events

New goals set by the Government have given local businesses a better chance to work with local authorities. By 2020, £1 in every £3 of Government procurement spend will be spent with small businesses.

One of the best ways to catch the attention of local authority buyers is to attend procurement events.

Events like Procurex are held regionally every year. Procurement events like this give delegates the chance to attend seminars outlining what buyers in specific sectors are looking for from suppliers.

It is also common for local authorities to have an exhibition stand at these events, making it well worth your while to attend.

When you attend these events, try your best to be memorable, give your business card to the right people and make connections with those who are buying from your sector. Tracker subscribers receive complimentary delegate passes for our key procurement events like Procurex, as part of our Business Growth Programme.

Learn from feedback

Have you dipped your toes into the pool of procurement before? If so, the next question is: “did you ask for feedback?”

Forgetting to ask for feedback is a mistake that many procurement beginners make. Make sure that you learn from your losses and ask for advice from the buyers you are trying to win over.

This will put you in a better position next time you see a local authority tender that is suited to the services or goods that your business offers.


networking for local authories tenders at procurex


How can Tracker help with local authority tenders?

Our business has worked with thousands of suppliers and buyers. With our experience and knowledge, we have created a product that helps to eliminate the challenges faced by procurement professionals.

Tracker packages give you access to tools that speed up the procurement process. For instance, you can set up your profile so you receive up to date information about opportunities issued by region or local authority you are trying to win work with.

For more examples of how Tracker can help you to access local authority tenders, request a free demo.