£650Bn infrastructure and construction investment announced

The UK Government has announced £650Bn of investment through its National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline. 

In the most ambitious pipeline to date, the Government has set out how billions of pounds worth of private and public investment in infrastructure and construction projects will be directed across the country over the next decade. 

The planned investment will create new opportunities for thousands of apprentices, technicians, graduates and skilled workers. 

Some £89Bn of investment will be targeted to social infrastructure to help communities, resulting in 165 education projects worth £2.5Bn, including major rebuilding projects at schools and sixth form colleges. 

In total, the pipeline sets out: 

  • £254Bn Economic Infrastructure (Public) 
  • £208Bn Private Investment (across all sectors)  
  • £97Bn Regulated Utilities  
  • £89Bn Social Infrastructure (Public) 

The pipeline shows a range of 528 projects across all sectors, including housing and regeneration, education, energy, flood defence, home office, justice, science and research, transport, and waste. 

Education ranks as the sector with the highest number of projects and procurements at 165, with an estimated minimum contract value of £2,408.1M. 

Transport comes in as the second highest sector with 132 procurements, 19 projects and 113 programmes – here the estimated minimum contract value is £14,806.3M. 

The top five contracts by value all fall within the transport sector. Contracts for massive infrastructure developments such as HS2, Lower Thames Crossing and Stonehenge Bypass all feature. 

Construction work including building, design & build and civil engineering makes up over two-thirds of the works opportunities available to the market in 2021/22. Of the remaining estimated contract value, £0.8Bn to £1.1Bn is for architectural, engineering and design services, while £2.9Bn to £5Bn is for repair and maintenance services. 

In line with the response from industry, for the first time, the Government is setting out the extent to which new work will include elements delivered through modern methods of construction (MMC). Of the contracts included within the procurement section of the pipeline, over 170 with an estimated capital value ranging between £15.4Bn and £22.4Bn are planned to utilise some form of MMC. 

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Analysis of the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline 2021



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