Beat big data with Business Intelligence


An incredible 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced daily, leaving suppliers to the public sector marketplace with endless amounts of content to search through.

Timing is everything when it comes to winning work with the public sector and in some cases suppliers are finding opportunities when it’s just too late…

That said, it’s not impossible to beat big data. Learn how your business can evolve in a new data world below.


Business Intelligence

Big data has forced many businesses to drive their business intelligence strategy forward.

The right data can support a business in becoming more efficient across many areas as it can save time, resources and money due to return on investment.


Pick out patterns

Business Intelligence tools like spend analysis can be extremely valuable to any business looking to expand their opportunities with the public sector.

The public sector in England must publish public sector spend data in line with the Government’s Transparency Agenda. However, not all businesses have the right tools to take advantage of this.

Tracker’s Spend Analysis tool collates public sector spend data and identifies the top spending buyers and who they are spending with. It also supports users to search and compare spend patterns for specific buyers and suppliers.

Having this access is vital for businesses that want to grow in the public sector marketplace as details about buyers’ spend can help a supplier learn more about who their competitors are as well as new market entrants.


Gain visibility

Spend Analysis is great for analysing the current marketplace but how can your business get ahead of the competition? This where Market Leads comes in.

It is vital for any business looking to succeed in this marketplace to have sight of the latest industry news and upcoming projects as well as what its competitors are doing. This type of data helps suppliers to enhance their overall strategy and ensure that  they don’t miss the next big opportunity.

Tracker’s Market Leads tool gives users instant visibility of potential private sector leads, public sector framework opportunities and pipeline contracts long before they’ve even been tendered. As Market Leads intelligence is tailored to each user, it helps businesses to avoid the data that isn’t relevant to them and highlights valuable contract opportunities long before competitors gain sight of them.


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