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Glenigan has revealed key recommendations for construction sector suppliers in their latest industry forecast. The company, an expert in market analysis, has predicted that there will be “strengthening in private housing, public non-residential and civil engineering work” will begin in 2020.

We break down some of the latest numbers and look at some of the commercial opportunities that lie ahead.


Value of Underlying Project Starts by Sector 2019/2020*

£m 2019 (forecast) 2020 (forecast)
Community & Amenity 1,191 1,182
Retail 2,039 2,007
Health 2,421 2,548
Hotel & Leisure 3,802 3,881
Offices 4,239 4,104
Industrial 4,448 4,514
Civil Engineering 4,710 5,005
Education 6,223 6,325
Social Housing 6,454 6,523
Private Housing 18,811 19,968
Total 54,197 56,058

* source: Glenigan – Construction Industry Forecast

Private Housing is by far one of the strongest areas of investment in 2019 and this is set to grow even more going into 2020.

Glenigan claims that “the extension of Help to Buy to 2023 should lift housebuilders’ confidence to open up new sites despite subdued activity in the wider housing market. We predict a return to stronger growth from 2020.”

Although there is a noticeable difference between private and social housing, the latter area is also forecasted to grow 5% this year and a further 1% in 2020 as there are a number of planned projects in London. In addition, student accommodation remains an important growth area.

This is great news for suppliers across multiple sectors as construction and refurbishment projects require a variety of goods, works, and services at every stage from actual building work to finishing and fitting out.

Both private and social housing projects offer commercial opportunities to suppliers who specialise in plumbing, painting and decorating, landscaping, waste disposal, furnishing etc.

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The secret to success with commercial opportunities is being proactive. If early engagement is achieved at the early stages of a project, it will improve your chances of winning work with the private sector.

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