Dynamic Purchasing Systems versus procurement frameworks

dps v procurement frameworks


We have spoken about procurement frameworks in detail on the Tracker blog, but something that we haven’t discussed is Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS). That is why we have decided to compare the two methods below.


Framework Agreements

Many suppliers want to gain a place on a framework as the opportunities can be extremely lucrative. Being on a framework agreement can give suppliers access to considerable work if they are successful in the call-off contracts by which framework members are selected by buyers.

Framework agreements are also suitable for suppliers that are new to public procurement, as being on one can help your business build long-term relationships with buyers. Being on a framework can also increase a business’s credibility with other buyers.

The only downfall of procurement frameworks for suppliers is that once a framework has been closed, you can not apply to join it until it reopens.


Dynamic Purchasing Systems

DPS can be beneficial to suppliers as they offer straightforward and flexible access to contracts. Unlike framework agreements, DPS do not close. Suppliers can apply to join a DPS at any point during its lifetime. Like frameworks, DPS offer suppliers a chance to raise their profile with multiple buyers.


How can Tracker help?

Tracker offers suppliers access to information about both Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Framework Agreements.

Our Procurement Frameworks tool gives suppliers access to new framework notices for application as well as call-off notices and awards within an active framework. This allows your business to see which of your competitors is winning work with public sector organisations.

The Dynamic Purchasing System tool is new to Tracker and means suppliers can gain access to DPS opportunities and any required documents needed for tendering. Suppliers can also use this tool to identify direct competitors that may be on a particular DPS.


See how it works

A member of our team can help your business to start selling and tendering more effectively. Request your live Tracker demo to learn how to use both our Procurement Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing System tools.


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