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Ireland 2040


It was announced in July this year that the Irish government will be making a long-term investment into the development of Ireland with Project Ireland 2040. This initiative was introduced to meet Irelands growing economic and social demands.

The Irish government predicts that the project will “make Ireland a better country”, helping it to achieve its aspirations across many sectors.

Here is what to expect from project Ireland 2040.

What is Project Ireland 2040?

The Irish government is investing into their country with project Ireland 2040, to meet their economic and social targets with core themes of wellbeing, equality and opportunity.

By 2040, it is expected that an additional one million people will live and work in Ireland.  With this huge increase, more people will be travelling to work, university and school. More buildings will be needed to accommodate them, infrastructure improvements will be needed, more farms and industries will be needed to feed them, as well as care facilities for the elderly.

Project Ireland 2040 is essentially the overarching policy initiative to make sure that growth and infrastructure are properly planned and managed throughout the country, as outlined in the ten strategic outcomes announced by the government.

Ireland’s National Planning Framework

To accomplish Project Ireland 2040, the government created a National Planning Framework that includes high-level strategic planning and development for the country for the next twenty years.

This framework will work alongside the National Development Plan to direct infrastructure investment at the national level. It will also allow each regional assembly to coordinate their plans to ensure that national, regional and local plans align.

What opportunities are available?

Many tenders will come from this project across a variety of sectors as the Irish government invests in the long-term infrastructure and development of Ireland.  Sectors that are most likely to benefit from this investment include:

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Transport
  • IT

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