New procurement frameworks will support NHSX

healthcare technology


NHSX plans to reform healthcare procurement – “helping the NHS buy the right technology”. Other responsibilities will include setting national policy and developing best practice for NHS technology, digital and data – including data-sharing and transparency.


What is NHSX?

NHSX is a new joint organisation that will be responsible for digital, data and technological initiatives across the NHS. It will take forward digital transformation initiatives within the NHS and it aims to introduce the latest digital services and technology in the healthcare system.

Sarah Wilkinson, Chief Executive of NHS Digital, has said that NHSX:

“will require sophisticated strategic planning, strong leadership and very tight partnership between organisations across the system. This new joint venture between the organisations who currently define digital strategy and commission digital services will create cohesion in these activities by concentrating work and capabilities in one unit.”


Plans to reform healthcare procurement frameworks

A statement from the Department of Health and Social Care states that, among its responsibilities, NHSX will reform procurement by:

“helping the NHS buy the right technology through the application of technology standards, streamlined spend controls and new procurement frameworks that support our standards”

NHSX will work closely with the NHS and the wider digital economy, to ensure that patients and staff have access to world-class digital services. Training will be part of this to ensure that staff are “digital ready”.

Currently there are no details of when applications for the proposed new frameworks will open.


How to find procurement frameworks?

Business intelligence can help suppliers gain a place on a public sector frameworks like those due to be set up by NHSX.

Remember, the more information your business has on the organisations you want to work with and the tenders they submit, the better.

Tools such as Tracker’s “Public Sector Frameworks” allow users to research active and prior frameworks to better understand a buyer’s requirements. Try it for free by registering for a free trial.

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