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Dive Deeper into Public Sector Framework Agreements

For suppliers, gaining a place on a lucrative public sector framework agreement opens up a multitude of potential business opportunities over the duration of the agreement. Frameworks are ideal for building long-term relationships between buyers and suppliers and provide exposure to a potentially larger public sector customer base than other alternatives. Equally — missing out on a place on a framework reduces your ability to win business so tracking these increasingly common arrangements is now essential. Finding relevant frameworks in the public sector is easy with Tracker Intelligence

Core Benefits of Tracker’s Frameworks Module

Tracker simplifies the full procurement process by providing access to a database of the latest framework agreement notices. This market leading tendering intelligence solution makes it easier for suppliers to find, bid for, and win business from contracting authorities such as public sector bodies, government departments, and local authorities. These are the major benefits of our frameworks module:
  • Easily find new framework notices for application
  • Research active and prior frameworks to better understand a particular buyer’s requirements
  • View call-off contracts and awards within an active framework
  • Discover which of your competitors may be on an active framework
  • Identify any supply chain opportunities with private sector contractors
  • Access related documents to gain further insight into requirements
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Types of Public Sector Framework Agreements

There are two types of frameworks from public sector bodies and government departments you will find on our tender portal — single supplier and multi-supplier.

Single Supplier Framework Agreements

The single supplier framework agreement involves contracts being awarded to one supplier to complete services or works over a specified period. When buyers require goods or services, they must release an individual contract known as a call-off contract.

Buyers use these contracts to reduce administrative costs, simplify the procurement process, increase their value for money, and procure goods and services faster.

Multi-Supplier Framework Agreements

A multi-supplier framework agreement is a contract between a buyer and one or more businesses, usually divided into sub-categories of products and services known as lots. A buyer will often be looking for a number of pre-approved suppliers per lot and by meeting the contract requirements, a supplier can also bid for a place on more than one lot.

This type of public sector framework is ideal for new businesses with limited tendering experience. If they meet all the contract requirements, they can build case studies based on their experience. These framework agreements can also benefit a supplier’s reputation in their industry and assist in building long-term relationships with buyers.

Why Use Tracker to Find Framework Agreements ?

Tracker is an end-to-end business development solution equipped with the tendering intelligence and insights businesses need to find, bid for, and win more public contracts.

When you sign up for Tracker, you have access to our global database of framework agreement opportunities that can help your business get ahead of the competition.

Our tendering intelligence solutions allow customers to access procurement frameworks in the public sector, collaborate on procurement framework opportunity documents, upload winning bid responses, and track bids in one place.

When it’s time to find a framework, simplify the process with Tracker Intelligence. Our tendering intelligence tools, such as our contracts finder, make it easier to search for frameworks relevant to your business — all at the click of a button.

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