What the Budget Means for NHS Tenders

what does the budget mean for nhs tenders


Find out what the Autumn Budget 2017 means for NHS tenders.

In a nutshell, the Autumn Budget revealed that the NHS in England will be allocated £6.3 billion in new funding, including £3.5 billion of capital investment by 2023. This funding will improve building and facilities, with £700 million of it supporting the turnaround of critical maintenance issues.

This money will be spent through the procurement process and will help ensure every patient is treated in a safe environment, with the highest quality of care.

An Overview of NHS Spending 2017-2018

This year we have had two Budget announcements, with a Spring Budget in March, followed by an Autumn Budget on 22 November, following the Chancellor’s decision in 2016 to switch the main Budget announcement to the autumn. The Budget has a huge effect on NHS procurement and you want to succeed in winning NHS tenders, then it is important that you evaluate the most recent figures for the NHS.

Spring Budget

The Spring Budget announced that £149 billion will be spent on health in 2017/18, with an additional £425 million for investment in the NHS to come over the next three years. £100 million of this money has been allocated to accident and emergency departments.

Autumn Budget

This November, Philip Hammond announced that he plans to “transform the way the NHS works, to make big efficiencies in the way it operates that could then be recycled to the frontline to provide additional patient care.”

This is good news for any private or public sector organisation that wants to see more NHS tenders advertised. Price, quality and convenience are all factors that decision makers will take into account as they look for innovation and value for money.

In total, an additional £10 billion has been assigned to NHS over the course of this Parliament to support the NHS’s Sustainability and Transformation plans. As mentioned, some of this money will be spent on building maintenance, which will lead to improved efficiency within hospitals in England.


nhs tenders - increase spending for hospitals

How to Win NHS Tenders

NHS bodies use tools like Tracker to identify other public sector teams in the NHS.

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How Tracker Can Help?

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