Why Commercial Projects is Key to Construction Bidding

Tracker Intelligence hosts the largest tender database in Europe. It utilises powerful market intelligence with rich data to help businesses grow. Tracker’s Commercial Projects tool is specifically designed for organisations looking to grow their business within private sector construction and its wider supply chain. By giving organisations access to contract information early, the tool works to smooth out the entire tender process for construction bidding.

Commercial Projects and construction

All of Tracker’s bespoke packages strive to grow the business of organisations through efficient procurement. This is achieved by various powerful business intelligence tools, including tender alerts, spend analysis, market lead data and historic contract award data, as well as consultancy procurement – to highlight a few. These key tools work together to provide an enhanced and expert intelligence service which allows organisations of all sizes to find and win relevant tender opportunities to grow their business.

Commercial Projects is particularly useful for organisations seeking to win construction tenders, because it provides visibility of crucial contract and industry information across the UK. Organisations will gain access to contract details of more than 400,000 construction projects from early planning stage, as well as 10,000 non-planning projects a year – this includes named contacts, with contacts acquired using a fully GDPR-compliant process. This gives organisations complete coverage of all construction activity in the UK, which is a huge advantage over competitors when it comes to preparing for your construction bid.

Early engagement gives you a competitive edge

Suppliers networking and building relationships with buyers is proven to drastically improve chances of winning tenders even before the construction bidding stage. By engaging early, suppliers can influence the objectives and requirements of a contract before the official contract notice is published. The Commercial Projects tool helps early engagement by combining rich data and expert analytics to enable organisations to bid with successful results.

Commercial Projects provides access to:

  • 400,000 construction projects every year
  • 10,000 non-planning projects every year
  • All planning applications and decisions within 24 hours of contract publication
  • Named contacts of key decision makers, influencers and bidders
  • All data of construction activity throughout the UK by a committed team of researchers

Commercial projects is unique

Tracker’s Commercial Projects tool is unique for two important reasons:

  • There is a dedicated research team working behind the scenes of Commercial Projects to make it the best tool it can be. The team make over one million phone calls per year to research and validate content and search through 1000s of online portals every day, all to ensure that the information organisations access is trustworthy and fully GDPR compliant.
  • Commercial Projects is the only business intelligence tool of its kind available in the procurement market – which shows its immense value.

Commercial Projects for multiple sectors

The Commercial Projects tool makes private sector construction tenders more visible to organisations looking to bid for them. The result is a more efficient bidding process for all organisations and greater chances of success.

However, it is important to note that Commercial Projects is not limited to construction tenders only. The tool is helpful for gaining contract information across multiple industry sectors and supporting wider supply chains, including professional services, painting and decorating, building maintenance and refurbishment and civil engineering, among many more. Projects advertised on Commercial Projects also offer intelligence for companies interested in indirect opportunities – for example, a notice about constructing an office building may also be of interest to companies in the office furniture and fittings sector.

Explore tender opportunities with Commercial Projects

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