How To Win More Public Sector Business

Discover how to win contracts and beat your competitors from the experts in public sector procurement.


In 2019/20 the UK public sector is expected to spend around £840.7 billion. With the number of private sector businesses in the UK reaching an estimated record high of 5.9 million in 2019 – an increase of 200,000 new businesses since 2018, and a huge increase of 2.4 million since 2000 – the public sector marketplace is now more competitive than ever before.

Combining Europe’s largest database of contract notices and awards with our content-rich intelligence, providing valuable insight into the marketplace, last year Tracker published over one million public sector contracts and awards  – how much of this did you win?

Tendering can be a time-consuming, expensive and resource-heavy process, so you need to be sure you’re bidding for the right contracts. Through a mix of intelligence and the latest tender alerts, our solution enables early engagement, giving you confidence that not only can you find relevant opportunities before your competitors, but you can also use powerful market intelligence to help you win them.

Stay ahead of your competitors with the only complete end-to-end online business development solution powered by intelligence and tender alerts to help you find, bid for and win more tender opportunities.

Discover what makes Tracker the single best solution for both tender opportunities and business intelligence

Never worked with the public sector before?

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