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Cleaning is one of the most frequently outsourced services in the United Kingdom, making this a highly competitive sector as new cleaning tender opportunities are regularly being published by public sector bodies.

Tracker can give your business access to the tools you need to start winning more high value cleaning tenders in the UK.

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Provision of Facilities Management, Minor Projects and Cleaning

Uisce Éireann

The Awarding Authority intends to procure provider(s) for Facilities Management, Minor projects and Cleaning. The Contracting Entity has a requirement for these services throughout its head office and national estate. A detailed scope can be found in the RFI (Request for Information) document available on the website below to this...

Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath - Exporting Opportunity

Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills acting on behalf of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)

Opportunity type Public Sector Industry Defence, Maritime A defence authority has invited a tender for 2 complete sets of an ultrasonic cleaning bath. The ultrasonic cleaning bath will be used to clean various types of cylinder head, cylinder block and carbon deposited spare parts. The cost of the tender document...

Voids Cleaning Services Tender - Very Short Deadline

LiveWest Homes Limited

Cleaning services to the Specified Location

Service Block Refurbishment - 2023


Waterways Ireland

There are six service blocks on the Shannon-Erne Waterway. They each comprise of two toilets, two showers, an elsan room (for disposal of sewage waste), a laundry room and a service room. The service blocks are over 25 years old and because of changes in legislation and standards over these...

DPS 48 Aids and Adaptions 2023-2025 -

North Tyneside Council

The Awarding Authority invites suitably experience and qualified Organisations to apply for a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Aids and Adaptions. The DPS has an initial period of 24 months with two further extension options of up to 12 months each at the sole discretion of the Authority. The Authority...

What are Cleaning Tenders?

When a public sector body such as a government department or local authority requires outsourced cleaning services from a cleaning business, they will publish a tender to invite relevant service providers to bid for the work.

The public cleaning sector is extensive and covers a wide range of areas, including schools, hospitals, offices, and public spaces like streets, parks, and sidewalks. Cleaning contract opportunities can also include the sourcing of cleaning products such as detergents, disinfectants, cleaning chemicals, and more.

Here are just a few of the different types of internal and external cleaning tenders being published in this sector:

  • Window cleaning tenders

  • Office cleaning tenders

  • Cleaning staff tenders

  • Cleaning products tenders

  • Waste management tenders

  • Pest control tenders

  • Hospital cleaning tenders

  • Cleaning equipment tenders

Find recent cleaning tenders that are relevant to your services with Tracker. Sign up for a free 3-day trial and see how our procurement tools can help you successfully tender for cleaning contracts.

Tracker uses email alerts to notify you about new business opportunities and offers market-leading tools and insights to help you find more cleaning tenders.

Why Bid on Cleaning Tenders?

As a service that is regularly outsourced, the offering of cleaning services to public sector organisations comes with numerous advantages and benefits for suppliers who engage in bidding.

Businesses that are regularly bidding on cleaning contracts for tender are able to develop relationships with key decision makers within the cleaning sector, allowing them to grow company visibility as well as credibility as a reliable and trustworthy supplier. This opens the door to new business opportunities in the future.

Tendering for cleaning contract opportunities can also provide your cleaning business with long term stability as it guarantees steady work and income for a fixed period of time.

From cleaning contracts for government schools to office cleaning contracts for UK local authorities — you can have access to it all with Tracker.

Finding Cleaning Contract Opportunities in the Public Sector

With the cleaning industry being as big as it is and with it spanning across multiple sectors, each government organisation will require various different cleaning services. This creates lucrative contract opportunities for cleaning companies and service providers as more contracts are being published and awarded.

Cleaning Tender Opportunities in the UK

Almost every public organisation in every industry requires cleaning services, proving this sector to be a promising avenue for businesses that supply cleaning services and products in England and the rest of the UK. These cleaning tenders are often published by government agencies, local authorities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, commercial enterprises, and facilities management companies.

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How to Win Cleaning Tenders with Tracker

For just about 40 years, Tracker has worked closely with buyers and suppliers, allowing us to gain insight into the needs and wants of both parties. This has helped us curate a selection of market leading procurement tools and intelligence services to help our clients get ahead of their competition in their respective industries.

Whether you are just starting out or you’re looking to secure bigger contracts, Tracker has the tools you need to confidently bid within the public cleaning sector.

Improving your Chances of Winning Cleaning Contracts up for Tender

Due to the highly competitive nature of the cleaning sector, winning tenders can be challenging but not impossible. Knowing and following the following can greatly increase your chances of submitting winning proposals:

  1. Early Engagement: This allows you to discuss the requirements of the buyer before the contract is published, helping you gain helpful insights for the writing process.

  2. Eco-Friendly Products & Procedures: Being able to show that you use sustainable procedures and products that do not harm the environment can work to your advantage as the buyer can factor that into their criteria for environmentally friendly processes and carbon footprint reduction.

  3. Previous Experience: Supplying accurate evidence showing your previous work experience can help show the buyer that your cleaning services and team are able to get the job done.

  4. Quality Management: Showing that your company can supply high-quality cleaning services and products at a maintained consistency is helpful when tendering as it proves to the buyer awarding the contract that your business is reliable.

  5. Documentation: Supply the buyer with all the relevant documentation, such as qualifications, accreditations, policies, and procedures, to prove that your cleaning services, team, and products can deliver the specified requirements and is compliant with the relevant standards.

Tracker's Procurement Tools

Our range of procurement tools and services is specifically designed for you as a supplier in the public sector. Here are a few of the tools and services we offer to help you engage early, be more competitive, and bid more effectively:

  • Award Data: Gain insight and understanding of past frameworks and previously awarded contracts to understand the public buyer better and properly prepare your bids for current cleaning tenders.

  • Tender Alerts: Be notified as soon as a new cleaning tender relevant to your services has been published by a public sector buyer.

  • Spend Analysis: Discover who your competitors are winning contracts with, how buyers are spending, and gain insight into the cleaning services marketplace.

  • Procurement Consultancy: Increase your chances of bidding success with the help and advice of one of our industry experts.

Tracker also offers additional tools such as Bid Manager, Market Intelligence, and Market Leads to help you improve your tendering process and your chances of success.

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Find, Bid for & Win More Cleaning Tenders With Tracker

As Europe’s largest database of contract information and intelligence, Tracker’s procurement services and solutions are trusted by governments in England, Scotland, and the rest of the world as we work in partnership with all major government purchasing authorities and departments.

Our clients’ companies have received billions of pounds worth of business within the public sector by using our procurement tools and services.

Refine Your Tendering Process With Tracker

Existing Tracker customers who are wanting to learn more about the tendering process or refine their skills are also given discounts on procurement courses in partnership with PASS. These online courses give you all the resources you need to have the best chance of being awarded cleaning contract tenders in the UK.

Choose between courses to improve your tender writing, help you better understand the public procurement process, learn how to comply with the Standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ), and much more!

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      BiP Solutions owns Tracker and we look after your details carefully. We offer a range of products, services and events (some of which are free) that help buyers tender more efficiently and suppliers find, bid for and win public and private sector contracts. Only tick this box if you wish to receive information about these. We will never share your details with third parties and you will have the opportunity of opting out of communications every time we contact you. For further details, please see our Privacy Policy