Bid Manager - Bid Tracking Made Easier

Centralise your bid workflow, documents & activity in one easy-to-use bid tracking tool.

An Effective Tool for Managing Tender Opportunities in One Place

Bid tracking is easier with Bid Manager from Tracker Intelligence

Completely unique to Tracker, Bid Manager is a bid tracking tool designed to help you keep track of your bids and make your public sector tendering process more efficient. Our bid tracker tool allows you to create bids for any tender notices of interest and manage these through to completion through a centralised online bid management system.

There’s no limit; with Tracker Bid Manager you can:

  • Manage your timescales and workflow through Tasks and Milestones
  • Invite anyone you want to work on your bid in Bid Manager — they don’t even need to hold a Tracker subscription
  • Have discussions with bid participants with an audit trail for reference
  • Upload supporting and response documents
  • Report on your bid activity and success rate and use that to develop your own winning formula
  • Create bids from offline projects to keep tabs in one centralised location
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Find, Bid For & Win — All in One Place

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We know that finding the perfect public sector tenders and private sector contracts can be time consuming — let alone project managing your bidding team.

Streamline your bid & tender management process with Bid Manager, a simple and secure online bid tracking and opportunity response tool that allows you and your team to manage your entire bid response process within Tracker.

Just some of the benefits you can take advantage of with our bid tracking tool include:

  • No more lost paperwork
  • Save money on storage
  • Invite non-licence holders to collaborate on bids
  • Complete audit trail
  • Continuously monitor bid status
  • Secure access, ISO27001 certified

How Bid Manager Can Improve Your Chances of Success

If you are looking to grow your business through more direct and efficient bidding, Bid Manager is the perfect bid tracker system for you. There are a few ways our bid process management system can help you streamline your business development procedures.

Track the Status of Bids

Bid Manager’s most basic function is to keep track of all the bids your business has submitted and is in the process of submitting. This includes tracking tender submissions, projects, bid amounts, bidding deadlines, milestone dates, and other metrics.

Track All Your Paperwork

Our bid tracker software stores supporting documents and response documents, which makes it easier to keep track of your paperwork and ensure everything is stored in one place.

There is also a discussions tab for your team to keep each other in the loop on changes made to the bid applications, new contact information, and other project updates.

Monitor & Evaluate Your Bidding Process

Bid Manager allows your business to monitor and track your timescales and workflow through Tasks and Milestone tracking, as well as your performance and success rate.

This assists you in understanding how many bids you’re making, how many winning bids you have, and what factors are affecting whether or not your bid is successful. With this insight, you can refine your process for improved chances of winning.


Bid and Tender Management Made Easy with Tracker Intelligence

Tracker Intelligence provides tendering tools, services and resources that help businesses streamline their processes, find more tenders and manage tenders more effectively.

With tools such as Bid Manager, Tender Alerts and Spend Analysis, you will never miss another business opportunity again. We have over 20 years of expertise behind us, so you can count on our tools, software, and services to help you achieve your company’s tender objectives.

Start keeping track of your bids, identifying trends, finding new opportunities, and winning more contracts with Tracker’s industry-leading tender bid management tool.

Improve your tender and bid management systems with Tracker Intelligence’s Bid Manager. Sign up for a free trial to get started!


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