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Recruitment and the supply of staff is something that is constantly sought by public sector bodies, and this makes it a highly lucrative sector. With Tracker, you can ensure your company is best positioned to find, bid for, and win more recruitment tenders in the UK, Europe, and globally.

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Recruitment Services - Short Deadline

The awarding authority intends to run a competitive procurement process for a Recruitment Services for full range of roles within the LDA. This Request for Information is part of market research process to determine the capacity and market reach of potential service providers to deliver the services as required.

Temporary Agency Staff Providers 2024

Torbay Council and it's wholly owned subsidiary company SWISCo, is conducting this re-procurement process to identify successful Temporary Agency Staff Providers who will be selected for a place on two new Framework Agreements for: • Lot 1 - Approved Temporary Agency Staff Providers; • Lot 2 - Approved Social Worker...

PS23289 - Electricity Safety Quality and Continuity regulations (ESQCR) Referrals



The final date and time for the submission of bids is Thursday 19 October 2023 at 11:00am. DO NOT apply directly to the buyer. All tender information MUST be submitted through the Jaggaer eSourcing Portal. Brief Description of Requirement Distribution Network Operator (DNO) engineers discovered an illegal connection supplying a...

RA334434 - HEIW - Service Management Maturity Assessment

NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP)

Please find the request for a quote and terms and conditions attached. 1. Agree to the terms and conditions and send your acceptance by email to Vijay Buddharaju 2. Submit your quote on Multiquote as a proforma invoice as an attachment. - To access this competition: login to

Bulk Printing and Mailing Services for The London Borough of Harrow


London Borough of Harrow

London Borough of Harrow requires a service provider with relevant experience and ability to demonstrate sufficient capacity for the processing, production, collation, printing, enveloping, mailing and delivery of both personalised and non-personalised documents relating to but not limited to Council Tax, Business Rates, BID's (business improvement districts), Council Tax Support,...

What are Recruitment Tenders?

In the public arena, recruitment tenders refer to the process in which buyers (public sector bodies such as government departments or local authorities) seek assistance from external companies like recruitment agencies and service providers to help them identify, attract, and select suitably qualified candidates for specific job roles within their organisation.

These tender opportunities play a crucial role in the delivery of efficient public services as they allow government organisations access to a diverse pool of potential employees through suppliers who can offer reliable expertise and resources across multiple sectors.

Types of Recruitment Contracts

Public sector organisations regularly release new recruitment tenders, thus creating new business opportunities for suppliers. However, as different organisations have different needs and requirements, it’s important to be familiar with the various types of recruitment services contracts being published.

The scope of recruitment contracts within the public sector includes, but is not limited to, the following contract types:

  • Temporary Staffing Contract: When public bodies require temporary or contract staff for short-term assignments or a specific project.

  • Executive Search Contract: When public organisations require assistance in recruiting senior-level executives or key leadership positions with a more strategic role.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Contract: When public bodies outsource their whole recruitment process to a third-party recruitment services provider.

  • Contingency Recruitment Contract: When public organisations use recruitment agencies to find suitable candidates for open positions within the organisation and the recruitment agency or ‘supplier’ is only paid once the position is filled.

  • Preferred Supplier List (PSL): Also known as a preferred supplier agreement, this is a form of procurement framework or framework agreement whereby a public body will select a recruitment vendor from a preferred supplier list. This aids in establishing an ongoing or longer-term relationship.

Whether your team is aiming to win a recruitment tender in Wales, England, or the rest of the UK, Tracker has the tools you need to start winning more recruitment tender opportunities.

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Why Bid for a Recruitment Contract?

Recruitment firms are chosen to streamline hiring processes and ensure the right people are hired the first time. Because of this, public bodies across various industries outsource recruitment services to third-party suppliers to ensure maximum efficiency. This means that there is always new business to be won for recruitment companies wanting to tap into the public and government sectors.

Other benefits of bidding for work in this sector include:

Marketplace Expansion

Bidding for public sector tenders is a great way for companies offering recruitment services to expand their market presence. This broadens their client base and increases their visibility and credibility within the industry.

Networking & Relationship Building

Engaging in the tendering process and placing bids on recruitment tenders provides suppliers with the opportunity to network and build relationships with buyers in the public space. This could lead to future collaboration, referrals, or recommendations for future recruitment opportunities.

Finding Recruitment Tender Opportunities in the Public Sector

The public sector’s extensive size is due to the fact that there are so many different organisations and bodies that make it up. These various public bodies will publish recruitment tenders for the provision of specific roles and positions within their organisation, leading to a wide selection of opportunities for businesses specialising in recruitment.

Recruitment Contract Opportunities in the UK

The following public bodies are just some of the public organisations that regularly publish recruitment tenders in the UK:

  • Government Departments: National level government departments such as the Ministry of Defence or the Department for Transport may require third-party assistance to efficiently fill specific roles or handle high-volume recruitment processes.

  • Local Authorities: Local authorities such as city and district councils publish recruitment tenders to fulfill their staffing needs across multiple departments and services. This could be a result of them needing support in attracting qualified job candidates or managing recruitment processes within their jurisdiction.

  • National Health Service (NHS) Organisations: NHS trusts, hospitals, and any other healthcare organisations that fall under the NHS will issue tenders to source and select suitable healthcare professionals, administrative staff, and related candidates to fill specialised roles.

  • Educational Institutions: Universities, schools, and colleges may publish a recruitment contract to procure support in the finding of qualified academic staff, administrative personnel, and other support staff.

There is an abundance of lucrative recruitment contract opportunities available throughout the UK and Europe ready to be won — you just need to find them, and with Tracker, you can.

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How to Win Recruitment Contracts with Tracker

Tracker is made up of knowledgeable procurement experts who know what the public buyer is looking for in a prospective recruitment supplier. With our expertise in the provision of products and services in this sector, we have carefully curated and refined our procurement solutions to help you submit more winning bids when it comes to tendering for recruitment tenders in the UK.

Tracker's Procurement Tools

We offer our clients access to various tender tools and business intelligence services to assist with engaging early, being more competitive, and submitting more successful bids for recruitment work:

Additional tools that we offer include Tender Alerts, Spend Analysis, Market Leads, Archive Data, and Market Intelligence.

Contact us to request a free personalised demo and discover how Tracker can help you submit more winning recruitment sector bids.

Tracker — Trusted Procurement Specialists in the UK

As Europe’s largest database of contract notices and awards with coverage across the UK, Europe and beyond, Tracker offers a range of market-leading products and services to help those tendering in public sectors.

As the only business intelligence solution in the market providing a holistic portfolio of tendering tools, you can trust Tracker to set you on the right path towards bidding success.

Want to Improve Your Procurement Methods?

View our Resources and Interactive Guidelines for additional resources to help you master the world of public procurement.

In partnership with PASS, we also offer discounts on procurement training courses to all our customers. This allows you to refine your bidding skills as well as receive the extra help you need for the various stages of the recruitment tender procurement process.

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      BiP Solutions owns Tracker and we look after your details carefully. We offer a range of products, services and events (some of which are free) that help buyers tender more efficiently and suppliers find, bid for and win public and private sector contracts. Only tick this box if you wish to receive information about these. We will never share your details with third parties and you will have the opportunity of opting out of communications every time we contact you. For further details, please see our Privacy Policy