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Without access to a comprehensive tender solution, tendering to the public sector can be especially difficult. Fortunately, Tracker offers just that with a one-stop shop for public sector contracts. You can find tenders and access pertinent contracts quickly using the Opportunity Search function rather than spending hours searching government websites for contract opportunities that are relevant and still available.

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Across all industries



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It’s on us: We take care of the labour-intensive work so you don’t have to. Our team of data analysts works around the clock to make sure you can easily access appropriate tender opportunities at the right moment. Search criteria can also be adjusted and saved to help you with the ongoing search for lucrative contracts in the public sector.


Rapid response: More than 3,000 sources fuel our contract information, and you can access the results you need in a matter of seconds.

The Search for Tenders Simplified with Tracker

All public sector organisations and public buyers, including the UK government, are required to publish contract notices when they are in need of goods, services or works. These contract opportunities can be found through a variety of sources, including procurement portals, official databases, national portals, or a tender notification service.

However, combing through these various sources is a time-consuming and resource-draining task that many suppliers cannot justify. That’s where Tracker’s Opportunity Search tool comes in. In one online portal, clients get access to all of the notices published on all of the procurement portals.

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How to Use our Contracts Finder

The Opportunity Search tender finder is part of our Tracker Pro subscription. Tracker Pro is available in 3 different packages — Classic, Connect, and Complete — all three of which include access to our tender and contracts finder.

Our tender and contracts finder gives you full coverage of public contracts published by key public sector organisations and public buyers across the UK, such as central government. Simply adjust the parameters and zone in on the notices that are relevant to you.

Instead of sifting through hundreds of irrelevant contract notices, you can find relevant opportunities quickly and easily so you have more time to spend on writing a winning bid proposal that will set you apart from the competition.

How to find contracts with Tracker’s tender portal:

  1. Log in to your Tracker dashboard

  2. Go to the Opportunities tab

  3. Choose between Quick or Advanced Search

  4. Add the keywords and/or CPV codes you wish to look for

  5. Refine your criteria by filtering the date range, value, geographical region, and more

  6. Save your tender search to come back to later or pick a contract notice and start the bidding process using Bid Manager

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Who are we?

From publishing the first national directory of public sector contracts to being the first to market with our online Tracker solution, we have been the true pioneers of technology and innovation in the public sector marketplace.

Throughout our 39 years, we have continued to evolve and chart new territory — placing our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Take your business to the next level with Tracker.

Whether your business is based in Scotland or elsewhere in the UK, Tracker’s procurement services and tender tools give you everything you need to find, bid on & win public sector tenders now and secure future opportunities that will add value to your business.

By using our tender contract finder for the UK in conjunction with our other business intelligence tools, you can truly give your business the edge.

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