Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)

Unlock the potential of Dynamic Purchasing Systems to develop relationships with buyers and expose your business to more public sector opportunities.

The Flexible, Straightforward Approach to Public Procurement

With innovation at our core, Tracker Intelligence is an early adopter of highlighting Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) opportunities for suppliers. A Dynamic Purchasing System is a fully electronic system used by contracting authorities — public sector buyers — to acquire regularly used goods, works, or services from a database of eligible suppliers.

Dynamic Purchasing Systems work in a similar way to a traditional framework agreement, but unlike framework agreements, a DPS is always open for suppliers to join (or leave) as they wish. The ultimate function of a DPS is to enable buyers to purchase goods and services faster and more efficiently by providing them with straightforward and flexible access to a bank of suitable suppliers.

For suppliers who meet the specific requirements, a DPS is a cost-effective procurement approach that enables them to easily access public sector contracts from public bodies through a completely electronic process.

A Dynamic Purchasing System benefits organisations of all sizes but, in particular, smaller businesses or those newer to the market.

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Dynamic Purchase Systems Simplified with Tracker Intelligence

With Tracker Intelligence, your business can access Dynamic Purchasing System opportunities and tendering intelligence that can help you win more contracts and make more sound decisions.

Features & Benefits

  • Don’t miss a single DPS opportunity relevant to your business
  • Identify direct competitors that may be on a particular DPS
  • Identify supply chain opportunities
  • Access relevant DPS requirement documents
  • View call-off details related to a particular DPS

Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) vs Framework Agreements

There are a number of similarities between a Dynamic Purchasing System and a Procurement Framework (also known as a Framework Agreement), which can cause some confusion for new suppliers. Understanding the similarities and differences can help you decide which one is more suitable for your business and simplify procurement procedures.

Framework Agreements

  1. A procurement framework has a limited timeframe. The usual duration of a framework is 1–4 years and once the procurement process setting it up has closed, you cannot apply to join until it re-opens.
  2. A framework specifies and limits the number of suppliers needed.
  3. Buyers can award a contract directly through the framework without the need for any additional tenders or competition.

Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)

  1. A Dynamic Purchasing System is a completely electronic process that is either always open or periodically reopened so a group of suppliers can be gathered and relied upon as needed. This means that suppliers don’t need to demonstrate suitability each time they want to compete for a public sector contract.
  2. A Dynamic Purchasing System is an ‘open market’, so it is more lenient with the number of new suppliers it accepts into its network.
  3. Buyers cannot issue direct awards through a DPS because all suppliers under the DPS must be invited to bid. This does not apply if there is only one eligible supplier.

Benefits of a Dynamic Purchasing System

A Dynamic Purchasing System can benefit public sector organisations and suppliers.

Open to All Qualified Suppliers

A Dynamic Purchasing System is open to pre-qualified suppliers throughout its duration and to new suppliers who meet the selection criteria and want to expand into the public sector market. This means that even if a supplier didn’t match the selection criteria during the initial procurement process, they can re-apply when they do meet the requirements.

There is no limit on the number of suppliers that can join a dynamic purchasing system.

Less Waste, More Value

A Dynamic Purchasing System allows public sector organisations to open up tenders to smaller local suppliers and new entrants to the market. These suppliers can choose either to join a project or skip it depending on whether it is within their scope.

Just-in-time purchasing allows the public sector organisation to quickly and easily add procurement documents and update the terms of contracts, which means bidding processes can be completed and goods and services delivered within days. This wastes less money and allows appropriate suppliers to deliver their services more efficiently.

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